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 Wed Jun 10, 2015 1:43 am
Hi All
I seen this today and thought when reading !Oh, so true .Forget the money part. Think of energy !!!
We have no limits !! Enjoy

If Money Could Talk – By Greg Habstritt

A Powerful Perspective You’ve Never Heard Before – “If Money Could Talk”
Most people think they know me. They don’t.
I am not what most people think I am. I am not the paper in your wallet, or the coins that jingle in your purse. I am not quietly sitting in your bank account, hoping to be used one day.
You cannot see me, feel me or touch me. I am an idea. I am energy.
I’m neither good nor evil. I am only what you decide that I am, and I fulfill the role that you create for me.
I don’t care how smart you are, where you live, what you do, or where you come from. All I care about is your energy.
Your energy decides what thoughts you have, and therefore your thoughts will determine the relationship you have with me.
I have very simple needs, and simple rules. I am infinite.
I have no limits, except for those you place on me with your mind. There is no limit to the energy in the world, and because I am simply energy, I cannot be restricted or controlled.
I crave abundance.
I am attracted to those who think without restrictions, who like to think big. When you believe there is enough of me to go around, I am naturally magnetized by that thinking.
I despise scarcity.
Because there is no limit to me, I avoid those who think from a win/lose or scarcity perspective. Those who believe I am in short supply, or difficult to receive, will find that very reality, because I choose to avoid those who think small.
I love value.
What magnetizes me most is the creation of value in the universe. I move to places where value is created, because creation is energy. If you wish to attract me into your life, focus on creating value for others, and I will appear.
I avoid entitlement and complacency.
No one ‘deserves’ to have me, and I am always moving to the place I am most respected and where value is created. It has nothing to do with ‘fair’. Those who take me for granted or become complacent with my energy will find me gone.

I only have one job, and that is to serve you.
It is a matter of energy and value creation. My purpose is simply to move to where I am attracted most, and where I can grow.
My one goal is to replicate myself.
Because there is no limit to energy, my purpose is to reproduce and grow, in order to bring more energy to the universe. I am created and replicated through value creation. I am an energy of evolution.
The message for you should be clear.
Those who create value for others in the world will find me in their lives.
I am whatever you believe me to be.
So what you believe about me can make you miserable, or what you believe can enable you to perform miracles.
I’m neither positive, nor negative. I am what you decide I am.
If you fear me in any way, I can crush your ability to survive. If you get to know me, I can make your life flourish and your dreams come alive.
I can be your master, or I can be your servant. I am only what you make me.
So, the relationship we have together will be determined by you.

Isn’t it time we got to know each other better?

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