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G’day gifters, made another lot of plasterite with another class today.
Still using many crystals and quartz point. Have not taken to bare essentials yet .
The students love collecting and pawing through their treasure, before pouring.
Got to keep the intrigue / entertainment element up.
Also shells, sand , salt and Pillowed water.
This time I added nag champa oil…what seemed a couple of time
employ an eyedropper ! Really strong but nice ,
Again, many reported buzzing when held and were really taken by the getting
colder effect as it cured…(salt)… side show physics fun…another lesson there !
…..but best of all, they get to take them home. ! ! !
Geez..I can still smell nag champa on my fingers, washed twice !
Bet the students can TOO…..ha ha ha….ha ha ha