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Postby SandAndSun on Tue Sep 07, 2010 9:28 pm

moonson gecko, It is so amazing that kids can do it… I can imagine how much excitement is there to create these beautiful things…

I’ve made another one this weekend as well… when i took it out of the mold, i saw that the part next to the crystal was not filled with plaster, so it looks like a geode :)
Question: should i fill the cavity with new plaster or should i leave as is? Also, what about sending: one of the sides came out not too even, so i was thinking – should i send it or keep as is?
I knew i forgot something :) I really wanted to get the nag champa, i am so curious how it smells… All right i will add it to the next one..

This time, i didn’t add any colors, and used pretty much the same ingredients, just added some iodine, more herbs, kyanite, one shiva lingam stone, and a glass of diatomaceous earth (thank you for this wonderful discovery, i’ve been taking it for a week now). also, used a regular quartz crystal, no lemurians this time. i added 7 salt crystals to the mix, instead of the regular salt. Crystals didn’t dissolve much, so they are somewhere in there…
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