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well…. not sure if it makes sence, or weather it is correct or not, but my logic was: each stone, hearb, vitamin, mineral transmitts it’s own unique signal, and what it seems happening that the plasterite/organite is multiplying that signal significantly… So, I thought if i would add some vitamins/minerals/herbs that i take daily to the plasterite it will maybe send those vibes as well… we all seem to be connected and have pretty much the same deficiencies, so i thought it will be good… I did not added much, just a few drops.. but i guess it was sufficient to cause the color change… I called the new guy “cleansing” as it has a bit of cinamon, chilli perpers, neem oil, iodine, seabuckthorn oil, tea tree oil, eucaliptus and vitamin E… any thoughts on that aspect?