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josh, I found few choices: bamboo, kapok or cotton… some links for kapok and bamboo: … 0413240110 … 45f36445e5

I will try to pour a small plaster with chlorrella and spirullina powder and some chopped cotton fiber (that’s really the only one i have available)…

I was also thinking about adding honey to the mix. I’ve read somewhere that some ancient cultures used honey when building bricks for their buildings… Well… I was trying to find something on the net about it and found only this… See the last paragraph in the page… It starts with: “In chapter 6 Moorey…. ” … n28668334/

Seems that they used honey or cedar oil and backed the bricks under the sun… :)

I also was thinking about the castor oil, as i’ve read somewhere that it has the same frequency as a sunlight … :) What does everyone think about the castor oil?