thanks for the philosophical treat Gifter, ha , nice, yes whole books can be written about those things
whole topics in itself, bottomline when it comes to natural energy we use is money is almost of no significance
that s also why I love the way the methods have been made more simple and easy to use
as my first creations were from the current point of view very expensive
Now I use the water where the crystals have been put in to swim for a day in the sun and use the polarizer to make it even better
and that does the trick as they say, works even better than making it complicated and expensive
Also its harmlessness, safety to work with, even kids and its non toxic state is pleasant, than there is the speed of production
within a few hours in summer you have something that works producing this radiant energy and its light weight after its dried out
also a plus…but what surprises me most is newcomers go into gifting very fast nowadays
they understand faster than those in the past used to do
that s something to note in my opinion
as gifting is about sharing, doing it for something bigger
that s when doors really open if one goes there
to go beyond the ego into something else