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josh wrote:
I have tried the neo magnets with the blender … but I like the Paramagnetic rocks much better

I’m drawn to that more so than charging water in a blender … aim of both procedures is to charge the water, right? blenders are noisy things ..

josh wrote:
Your new medicine bag will help you clear your environment, especially confusion (that is a powerful tool in the bag of the nefarious one) so with this in hand look around you for the kind of medicine you can do to alleviate all of this,

I have noticed there has been less confusion, but not until you mentioned it … :) thank you, Josh! I have been spending noticeably less time at the computer (I haven’t been able to access this forum since my last post!) … and looking for ways to do even less computer stuff …

yes, now that I think about it, lots of little changes in choices … subtle, but they’re all making a difference and steering me in ways that are outside the ‘norm’ (for me) …

hope to be able to get some plaster and sand this weekend .. :D

monsoon gecko wrote:
Linda, I’ll send you a bag to play with on Monday.

thank you, Stephen .. :)
is it the same as what I’ve heard called rock dust? I’ve looked online but can’t find an answer …
I had some for the garden I used to have way back when (10 years ago?) … it had a good energy to it, and the plants loved it!

I’ll pillow the water and sit it on the paramagnetic earth, too .. :D