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Dear Josh,

Kirlian imaging only picks up and shows certain frequencies. An example is, it won’t pick up and show audio frequencies, etc.

Kirlian can detect only a certain (relatively narrow) bandwidth. So don’t worry about it.

Now, just for my own info I’d like to see pix of water crystals frozen after or during exposure to Plasterite; Images like Dr. Wasaru Emoto does.
Here’s a link to the basic info:

I think that would produce some interesting data.

The difference is:
:arrow: I don’t NEED to see it any other way. I have learned through long experience to trust my own perceptions, and I see the results of it in action in the things around me. :idea: :mrgreen:

Time will show us a way to image the effects of Plasterite, if we need it at all.


Linda :-)