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Postby josh on Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:27 pm

Our forum is filled with such wonderful people, we are creating much beauty and positive generating pieces and we know they work as intended, we know and feel their reach, we also know how people react when they receive the Plasterite, especially the kids

We are doing good, we are not against Orgonite because we still do some sometime, but for me my main focus is the PLasterite, I really enjoy making it, simplifying the process, pouring large devices…… more…..hummmm, I know I wont sleep the next couple of nights :D :D

Last week a gentleman and his lady came to the house, the first thing the lady say: wow! wow! it is buzzing here wow! how do you sleep here?, she was just going around the place feeling everything, she is energy sensitive and had never experience anything like this :o :shock:

All is well, we used twelve bag of plaster in the last 3 weeks, I just ordered 12 more bags, I found a place that sells it to me for $13 per 25 lb bag, that’s the best I have found so far
Midnight and a half, going to bed, good night :)