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Hi Josh.

I agree than Plasterite and Orgonite are two quite different things and that for a long time;
nobody had the faintest idea how Orgonite worked.

Orgonite is actually an Inductor and not a Capacitor at all.
It simply drains off the ambient ElectroMagnetic Radiation (as you point out) and
concentrates it.

The crystal component in Orgonite is there to convert the accumulated current (EMR) into heat through ‘Electrostriction’ which is a property shared by many crystal materials (as is its converse; the Piezoelectric effect).

Orgonite with no crystal at all (as with Karl Welz’s version) does work but very weakly (or slowly if you prefer).
It converts the EMR into heat simply due to its concentration inside the Inductor matrix.

So if Orgonite doesn’t convert DOR into POR; where does the Positive ORgone in the area of an Orgonite device come from?
The natural polarity of the Etheric Field is a positive one.
This positive field is responsible for the existence and continuing good health of all life on Earth.

For this reason; all living things begin to fall ill when the etheric field is disrupted and turns negative (by the introduction of EMR for instance).
When our Orgonite drains off the EMR; the negative influence on the ehteric field is removed and it returns to its positive state.
This gives the understandable but mistaken impression that Orgonite is directly converting DOR into POR.

I’m afraid that these comments are a little misplaced in a Plasterite thread but I felt that they
might be helpful in the circumstances.

Although I have conducted a series of experiments into Orgonite (which resulted in determining the above) I have done no such experimentation into Plasterite. All the best.