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by josh » Sun Oct 16, 2011 12:41 pm

Wow! Thank you Dan, I was working under the wrong premisses, addressing Orgonite as a condenser, I really appreciate you taking the effort to put our feet on the right path, I feel that the more I learn and the more I see how much I do not know

Therefore the Orgonite is an “Etheric Cleaner” returning the Etheric field to normalcy , But as you may have seen, when the EMF are too strong, the Orgonite is not enough, may be it become over saturated and can no longer create the changes, even large amount of Orgonite do not appear to help, I have not experience what the Plasterite does under heavy EMF, I will have to send some to one of my customer that is severely affected with the “smart meter” device, and see How she feel with it.

Again thank you Dan, Bali is certainly a seat of great wisdom Josh