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    UNREAD_POST Sun Jun 07, 2015 11:42 pm


    Your Bernoulli look amazing and strong, make mine look a little effeminate, though I did follow the measurements of the Lab Rat video. Don’t know why I’m worrying about rough edges :) Wish I could sense the energies a bit better, I should be tearing my hair out with all the things around here waiting to be gifted. Those cones you made decorated with shells are stunning Sunflower, don’t know how you do it, so impressive. Will you be able to bear to give them away or add to your collection?
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    Stephen posted his on a forum while ago
    maybe have a look
    no you should not worry, it s your first and looks handsome enough
    these things need time to experiment
    I only use the basic setup, four pieces
    if you extend distance it decreases if you move them closer together it increases
    really funny…like the polarizer Life Pillow…takes time and attention Jenn…it is not something to learn out of a book
    you will get there…took me a year to even know there is more to it…than just blue sky…
    tons to gift , the energy level is really pleasant here
    we have to share