UNREAD_POST Wed Jun 10, 2015 10:23 pm


So Jenn did you buy a zillion liters of blue paint or is natural life force energy coming into play ….ha nice picture 


To pump up the artistic value , as that s so underrated as I dont spend much time there usually…thought ah well..so what…let s make the marble look again and so I did, just use good paint, for the artists among you , it is expensive paint used, professional paint , the real deal one might say,
it s called ” Daler Rowney” so I put a few big drops in and mix it with a spoon than fill it up more with plasterite and it mixes itself
automatically ” lifted up ” by the pouring itself.
No idea how it comes out but these are special pieces, for me personally, I did use crystals as I am broadcasting something soon, once it becomes operational,
No..I cant tell this…sure you can, no you cant , oh you bet I can, so I am broadcasting intent to hook up with the energy with Ireland, the plasterite over there, the new Tools of Light, so I connect to them as that s my intent , to work hand in hand.
have to wait to see how they come out