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    A report on the fast hardening plaster
    Rapid Plaster from Knauf in this case
    Well I can say just one thing Wow, I mean this stuff really does what it says on the package…. FAST
    Didnt know what to expect honestly, so know, like fifteen minutes or so , maybe …
    well you better make that four to five minutes , it is really crazy material, unbelievable hardening time
    just silly fast…..can be very interesting for some applications, anyway , it is so fast you must have everything arranged before you mix
    or you will get in trouble absolutely. It hardens so fast and it does generate a considerable heat during the short process the piece you make
    literally starts cooking on the table , ha…no joke….smoke and steam galore there for five minutes after that it is as hard as concrete.
    It also has a very very slick and fine finish, the surface is very smooth, much smoother than with ordinairy plaster
    it is like marble, very fancy, real artwork quality
    I do have the german cone, the first orgonite / plasterite piece I had, it also has that hard slick structure so maybe that is being used there
    or another type of plaster like Alabaster and many others that have a much more hardened structure, it is for some reason also a bit heavier.
    It hardened to fast I hardly had time to put it in the molds, the little silicon molds so I had to rush there
    even during a short mixing you already feel the mix starts to get thicker , anyway if you use rapid plaster poor the darn thing within two minuts or you are in trouble.
    the probably use that at dentist clinics too I think, just a few minutes and its done.
    For regular work I still would use the basic plaster, hardens within 20 minutes to half an hour or so
    at least you have some time to arrange things, etc
    work at a reasonable pace
    instead of rushing through it
    some natural components are added to make it ” rapid plaster”
    that s all a bit technical information but you can find it at the company s website
    provided in pdf files
    basically it is gypsum CaSO4 . ½ H2O Calcium Sulfate Hemihydrate
    with expanded perlite and organic acids and hydrated chalk / quick lime
    anyway, very interesting material for certain purposes it can be a real saver
    Tried to look for it in the UK and Ireland but it seems they dont sell it there , at least not under that name
    Still have to test the other one, the universal type, don t think it will cause much surprises ?
    Made a tetra out of normal plasterite, lots of hearts using fast plaster and regular type in the energy mixture
    Just using Himalaya Salt, Beachsand, Crystal water, that s it
    purity and strength
    Next were tests with big hearts
    fast plaster and regular
    another thing is , using fast plaster, it does not give the water on top of the mix later on
    it immediately ” burns up” the water
    in a strong reaction
    it just evaporates on the spot
    maybe that s why technicians use that a lot in the areas of electric wiring so they dont have to deal with the water….
    therefor the reaction usually mild , the heating up of the piece is very intense.
    also made a small cone , very very slick finish
    so if you are in a hurry or for any other reason yes I d say fast plaster can be a solution.
    if not, I just keep using the regular ones
    also as I am doing more and more water gifting, the fast plaster is not appropiate for me
    I need a plaster that stays fluid for some time to be able to poor it into the bottles etc..
    Also , next to the fast plaster big hearts I made two big special hearts
    with everything I could find in it, crystals, rose quartz, herbs, gemstones, you name it , sea shells in all sizes
    everything went into those two beauties
    and they will not be gifted hehehe
    they stay very very close to me
    from now on