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    UNREAD_POST Mon Jul 20, 2015 11:23 pm


    people are leaving this planet earlier, all folk have allergies, lots of kids with astma , you name it
    new normals
    nah…biggest crime of the century someone said, big time yes
    massive program, they “them” call it a large project…
    well , that s true allright
    the whole planet covered by “whatever” by “whomever” for whatever purposes jadija
    I mean come on, cant get more blatant than this eh…
    These folk won t stop
    the last sentence does apply to those involved
    it is unbelievable
    and 90 % walks with their head in the clouds and call us “weirdos”
    than you have those five per cent who say, well they re probably protecting us
    than you have about three per cent, that s us, who figure it all out
    the heart of the matter
    what s really going on
    so they only have to worry about us you see
    it s like that
    the rest will go into the new world order willingly , it s like that J
    it s like that
    couldnt care less
    as long as they can play with their iphones and entertainment, parties jadija
    it s all no problems here doc…
    but soon the extra money they have will be flushed out by the agenda
    austerity you see, big time
    game over and than they start to nag and riot
    controlled of course
    all by design
    so they can unleash their dogs on us
    isnt it so ?
    major excuse
    we had to do it
    we had to restore order out of chaos
    where did I hear that before…
    how did you come up with that idea ??
    wha….orgonite hearts , the natural branch in this case.
    Very clever , way stronger and in total balance with nature
    it s like to compare real fruit to vitamine pills (resin)
    and you can punch some nice energy holes in the matrix , for free
    kids love em, they are not dumbed down yet, have still some sensitivity in them
    will be drummed out of them later on …
    that s how it goes
    so good J, you are so good.
    anyway , so we can at least use this little shed here to promote some of the good work
    because in most European countries we hardly see much come of it , the awareness movement
    is important
    it s the key
    orgonite is the sword if everything else fails although it wakes folk up too
    but the key is awareness
    it has to come from the heart
    so it is best to use both hand in hand
    that s at least how I see it
    modified bees by Monsanto, wow, yes they can do that
    never heard of that , I knew they could do it but now they are at it
    so…there you go..can only pollunate Monsanto crops
    oh man, they really laugh at us up there you know
    they just laugh at us
    they really dont give a fuck about us
    it does not even occur to them
    we are just cattle
    and than one would think communities would or could or should work together , in some manner, to
    tackle that shit
    but nope
    divide and conquer galore
    in most clubs, not just orgonite clubs
    the controlled clubs
    most of them anyway
    don t dare to speak out plasterite
    what can I say
    oh boy oh boy 

    Love that teddy bear by the way… with chemtrail flyers :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:

    2Geoengineering Awareness Day - Enniscorthy 14th June 2014. - .jpg
    1Geoengineering Awareness Day - Enniscorthy 14th June 2014. -  .jpg
    hearts 1Climate Engineering Awareness Day - Enniscorthy 27th June 2015. - YouTube - Inte.jpg

    lots of good folk in Ireland Jenny , I dont know why, a real rebels nest :P ;)
    seems like it is born into them , this obnoxious behavior against tyranny LOL :lol: ;)