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    Received good things from the green Island
    ah…yes…thanks for sharing
    Made by Juliet


    Made by Jennifer W.

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    esp for J, I used plate mats as molds, yep
    dorky eh…but look how cute the outcome is
    amazing..and you cant buy that mold for money….
    also you can decide how you want the conical shape to be, wide, small, etc
    and, as it s plaster , just use some water to clean it , done.
    Disconnected all radionics now, all of them, just for testing
    Just a few big cones here now pumping and they are pumping allright
    blue as can be even if those morons keep coming over , not a chance for them
    so just testing to see it the big cones hold over longer periods independently of the BSB machines
    if it gets worse and nowadays it sometimes get to that stage they will go online
    again,must give notice I will slow down …not ” break down” as Alex said on FB while ago..oh teasers.. :D :ugeek: :geek:
    Well there is nothing for me on FB anyway , so no love lost there.
    Hope the group there gets some awakened souls who can actually think, try to find those nowadays.
    But, in Ireland, there seems not to be shortage of aware folk who know what s happening around us
    this take over that s going on
    on all of us actually
    all in the same boat but , instead of working together , nope, they still must crush and attach the selenite
    ah jeee….there s love and freedom for you…and just because of money
    the root of all evil hmmm
    great..I am so impressed….not….
    All plasterite I make recently is simple and effective, the Josh method I call it, pure basics only.
    Not even the old school crystals go in for some time now, as the whole device is a crystal in itself
    so why bother putting one in , unless for specific reasons, like broadcasting
    so it gets ultra cheap and ultra blue here, of course the effects go beyond that , esp when it comes to plasterite as it works on so many more levels than the resin stuff they keep pushing down our throaths wether you like it or not
    you d better eat it and like it..or else…. ;) Pyjama people Josh called them :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek: :ugeek:
    hmmm…well I have some less delicate quotes too for such folk, but…wink…
    we are being put under, big time now, and they refuse to give folk access to a free method
    how do you call that, you figure that out for yourself
    they are all in it as far as I am concerned
    all orgonite hoopla
    totally wrecked
    nothing to do with love and freedom
    just big bucks and sheeple management
    that s what it is
    so it s not just the ruling elite that doesn t give a fxxx about us….it s them too, those jokers.
    yes I better use the xxx here before things get too wild… ;) :o :lol: 

    voila, that has been cleared too…
    no sucking up here ….
    just facts
    the things everybody seems to be allergic of nowadays
    just down to earth simple facts
    so we start skipping molds too now eh ?
    just eh ..what s that word, english…plate mat ?
    for such things I use that fast hardening plaster, so easy , amazing, no fuzz
    just mix that energy brew and pop it in, ten minutes later, unfold the plastic sheet and it is ready
    just like that

    yeah I know , plasterite aint that cool, but I find it very cool
    doing all you want, all intentions, whatever for free
    again,healing topic not for public consumption…
    I find that mega cool
    most of the orgonite community is a shame now
    so much rubbish going on
    totally degraded
    what once started as a way to a better world ah jee
    totally owned and controlled
    for the most part
    the problem is those players know eachother and they dont dare to speak out
    about plasterite because well…. you know why..

    2995222469_qsd88de26d968.jpg (49.42 KiB) Viewed 275 times

    …and that s so sad, ….isnt it, to be on a leash for the rest of your life
    because those buddies , those “big names”, that self appointed Royalty on top, eh big con men are cashing in on disparity
    of the ordinairy person, keeping free solutions away from the public who dont have a clue what s going on , isnt it sad ?
    I find that very sad, dissapointing and mean.

    but that s probably just me, one of those ” nutters” who uses a free , far more advanced and effective solution to problems at hand….in total balance with nature and there for that effective, simpe aint it ? s not just me , there are many many others , actually there a a lot of folk who had enough of this selling out and control freak behavior , believe you me.
    not something to underestimate..voila, there you go..
    feels so refreshing…suddenly…hmmmm
    like a new plaster cone coming into existance…
    you know…for free……. :lol: ;) ;)
    oh …blue sky pics, got a lot of those
    for free