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Everything is ok with Dustsand , our light in the Netherlands he is doing great, went through some turbulence , in a lot of ways…, hehehe but he is on the right track there for me , bringing him into this wonderful tools of light, is a big plus, makes it all worth it explained him the technique of using intention with the plasterite for protection purposes as we all have to go through those phases if your stuff really pumps you will be harrashed , there is no shortcut to avoid that. you will come under attack, as simple as that. from helicopters and who knows what so…use the intention to ask for a protective “shielding” it works I know, not a daily topic but it works well at least it works for Eric and me, that s all I can say. If your energyfields pump, esp in conjunction with a broadcaster they usually send the dogs on you so ask the selenite to widen the field , no spike, just a wide field and it will do that it will do that sounds too fancy for some , well ok than you stick with the rotorblades if you prefer that it s a choice I asked also for invisibility it works they cant get to you havent had harrashment ever since and if you think this whole thing, this ” tools of light” is just about energy , no it is not it s not just a book, there is a whole library behind it most will never even come close , will never catch on, will not break through  but it is all possible and it is not hard but as said before old ways will not open new doors keep that in mind with selenite you can leave the old brainbox behind it can be done not like a drug or something just a deeper insight , awareness and the journey starts and it is wonderful a massive enhancer for synchronisity does belong more in the healing field, call it what you want, a sjamanic tool, whatever but the individual has to make the choice and the ride so there will just be a few to use it but maybe that s the way it should be most folk will never wake up it is like that , why is that why did we wake up to several levels of awareness funny enough all of the folk, most of them, are healers , really so, some were not so aware of that aspect of themselves at first but now they all are good teachers in a time of massive deception around us like we live in a separate reality but that s one way of looking at it,basically we refuse to be controlled or guided we find our own way through life the hard way lots of ups and downs he is doing great talks also about things like Knocknashee heheeh yes call it what you want energies, fairies, whatever does not matter and most folk will say ” yeah right” and than we say…. yeah …..right ;) ;)
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Lovely photos and good advice as always.