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    A Chat with a Stop Climate Chaos March Participant – Dublin Nov 29th 2015
    with lady Jennifer behind the camera 77

    Jenn , I dont know what you feed Terry for diner but it sure works
    this guy is inexhaustable
    how does he hold on
    I do not get it hehehe

    I do now understand what you meant
    I did not know it was so bad
    the effect of propaganda on the public
    as the guy asking questions is a good person
    just so misguided
    on his CO2 friendly bike hehehe

    these people have no idea

    funny enough ordinary folk in Enniscorthy were very much aware,
    they knew at least something is going on overhead
    you know

    I dont know if it was such a good idea to go to that party
    maybe skip it as it is not doing much good I think
    a lot of energy invested and no return
    flattened by CO2 friendly cattle

    that s how I absorb the whole happening there
    I dont know if I am right, could be wrong

    wow…and Crystal too
    yep holding the sign hehehehe

    yes she is probably a younger person
    as she is very direct with the public
    sometimes, in these times, it is not a bad idea to just call a dog a dog
    because in these days it does not matter WHAT you say , it is more HOW you say it
    if it is politically correct and authorized or not

    -A chat to an Irish Senator about Climate Engineering - - YouTube - Int.jpg
    -A chat to an Irish Senator about Climate Engineering –

    let s give her a hug

    77 44