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    PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 8:58 am
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    well , it was a bit rough on the edges, maybe, but sometimes that s needed to bring home a know..
    it s not good what s happening and all
    this ” order out of chaos ” rubbish all over again
    always seems to work on the public
    they create problems
    the public demands solutions, this please help us and the system, happily forwards the agenda
    blaming the public if things go wrong, well they dont go wrong, only the public has a different understanding what it all means
    when they talk socialism or communism it is not what we “think” it is
    it is ruthless dictatorship , soviet style, even more advanced than that with all the gadgets they have today 

    they dont have a clue

    wasnt planning on posting but things are moving ahead so fast now the Ale too ? Fluoride
    ah well we ll find something else

    why do we have to be the ones telling the folk Santa does not exist ?????
    wishing you all the best