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    PostPosted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:59 pm
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    Yo J, wanted to do a long post about this carbon CO2 conology, but , at second thought, what for hahaha
    it s such a scam and I recon folk reading this have still some functioning brain cells left to figure that out for themselves you see 

    I also saw some other videos of what happened there

    Harassment from Stop Climate Chaos Thug- Dublin 29/11/15.

    hmm , things got a bit rough but, at least, it shows us the state we, that means anyone who does their own reasoning, are in.
    Told you the whole truth movement, or what s left of it, is being flushed out now
    the real folk are being removed so only a few big controlled groups run the show, it s as simple as that.

    Also saw our pied piper Duncan has a nasty bunch around him , the ” brownshirts” CO2 worship thugs controlling all opposition to any form or sort of free speech
    no free speech in the truth movement
    reminds us of that guy in Germany backed by elite bankers taking over the show there
    the one with that stange mustache…
    they were not even listening to other opinions and so forth
    they have an agenda
    big time
    all bought and paid for these characters
    all in the back pocket of the control grid

    it s very very obvious what went down there

    at least not when the Green Mafia is around or addressed on any topic.
    We all knew, or some of us knew, this was coming
    I mean it s as obvious as can be, one big agenda rolled out before our eyes

    big groups are also much more attractive to the sheeple as they can submerge and just follow the herd
    do as their told as they used to do
    it fits right in
    none of them wants to join real grassroots
    it is not in their character to do so
    for many reasons

    remember J this is a big agenda for world dominance
    big money involved if one goes along with the scam
    big money

    I know what you mean, but it is not exactly the case as it is not real ” infighting” it is staged infighting
    manipulated to suit a goal
    yes, real honest folk should be able to work together for common goals or at least behave decent etc
    but you know just as well that these sellouts of CO2 Dictatorship dont want that at all, working with real honest people
    they do cause havoc and break the ” awakening movement” for lack of a better word apart , deliberately
    not by accident or big ego or whatever
    no , just an agenda to flush you all out
    rapidly now
    forcefully if need be

    so soon there will be five people protesting against fluoride, or austerity or whatever, geo engineering, etc
    and five thousand demanding carbon worship
    the depopulation agenda, etc etc
    who is gonna win that battle eh ?


    the bribed carbon worshippers will get exposure on the media, you know, the whole nine yards
    while you lot stand on the bridge with cold feet
    while they do studio work and ” honest unbiased interviews”
    Most folk will just blindly follow them
    the promoted owned ” opposition”

    actually it is not even opposition, it plays right into the agenda of the control grid
    as that s what the system wants , isnt it
    this sustainability agenda
    and they even support it


    folk like Duncan and Co are not stupid , they are in a way very clever
    they know where the agenda is going and they want to be onboard when that happens
    a front seat and the rest of it , you see
    footsoldiers now will become officers of the new system
    the carbon control squads, inspector jobs, that s all that will be left for work in the future
    that sort of thing
    including snitching, big time snitching
    like in the Soviet and DDR
    the same system of total control
    not by the system , no, by the people controlling eachother
    no sheepdogs needed , or not so much
    just a few for window dressing
    everybody will be snitching on everybody
    that s how it will be
    a renewed Stasi system but much more efficient even and more ruthless
    and when things like the smart meters, yep, those satanic machines any dictator would have loved
    are in play, it will be as Terry said
    if you leave a light bulb on while away they will fine you
    having a second fridge fine you
    light a fire in the garden fine you
    grow vegetables illegally fine you
    taking rainwater “illegally” fine you
    driving a car without government approval, fine you
    as long as you can have a car that is….
    public transportation only
    that s why folk have to move to the city
    all folk
    unless you have a permit to stay on the land
    which only will be allowed to folk like ….Duncan LOL

    well it is nothing new , you know, even MG talked about smartmeters , way back, some years ago on the forum
    I had , believe it or not, never heard of that word
    as they were implementing that control gadget in Australia too, I presume..


    Re: Personal protection
    by josh » Mon Sep 26, 2011

    OK folks we have something to work on;
    The power industry has installed lots and lots of “smart meters”, those meters broadcast the
    reading of the electric meter to the receiver where ever they may be, the broadcast of EMF
    from those meters is very strong and creating much havoc in the health of many people that
    are sensitive to those frequencies.
    A young lady contacted me for help since she was badly affected by a near by meter, so I sent
    her some nano pendants, some Pillows, and other Orgonite pieces.
    The result was totally negative, no result what so ever, nothing worked until she was able to
    warp the meter in aluminum foil (couple of time), that did it.
    So I have been at a lost since then in trying to find something that could work, at the same
    time trying to validate the effectiveness of Orgonite, this is not the first time it happened, I am
    not saying that the Orgonite is not doing something, but certainly not nearly enough
    I could try broadcasting 15 hz with a large crystal, but still not sure
    Anyone with a bright idea???????
    Please no aluminum hats