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    Re: Personal protection
    by monsoon gecko » Wed Sep 28, 2011

    Smart Meters……….have heard how smart meters here in Australia are ripping people off in
    $$$ and health.
    Remember reading how someone slipped a doughnut shaped orgonite over the round meter
    and achieved good results
    Thought this may have been the article on WM, but not the one, although good info.
    Maybe alluminium foil works better than we know …ha ha
    Some more info on Smart Meters
    A few hours later…..I found this,
    mmm..more info from the crowhouse … sed/#video
    Haven’t come across one yet…you would think orgonite would work a treat.
    monsoon gecko

    rip peoples money and health , massive wireless radiation blasters
    so one gets fried when you clean the green bike or make some orgonite for that matter
    I d choose the latter part of it
    plasterite will do fine there
    works great
    tested it a couple of times , at work
    like a blanket that s coming over you
    completely immune for radiation
    like a lovely invisible blanket
    that s how it felt to me
    big changes at that place
    did not leave it there
    just trials
    to see what it does
    ha ..big changes
    and all for free but nobody likes to hear that

    suits the agenda I guess :lol:


    smart man he is
    again that word…” smart ”

    it may sound like utopia to some but it s very close now
    maybe a decade , if at all , and we will be knee deep in that shit
    this global corporated enslavement shit
    than they can do some extended chemtrailing
    they can really blast the crap out of us
    haarp us to pieces….

    Dont know if it all plays out like that, more sticks in the fire there by the cabal
    to play with, staged terrorism and all that mumbo jumbo
    it s just a con game that s all it is
    one big fat lie

    well one way or another we are , or try to be , mature about it ….
    Just facts
    boring dull and dry facts

    I think the days of free people movements working together with the green dictators will bear much fruit
    just a feeling

    dont let that put you down
    we just all learned a lesson here , that s all
    please keep up the good work
    lots of folk behind you
    more than you think

    44 774 774

    so, let s see, who s in on the take ?

    Organisations Involved

    A coalition for all

    Stop Climate Chaos is a coalition of civil society organisations campaigning to ensure Ireland plays its part in preventing runaway climate change. Current members include development, environmental, youth and faith based organisations.

    If your organisation is interested in joining Stop Climate Chaos, please get in touch. Contact us at: [email protected]


    logo_afriAfri joined the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition because we see this as one of the major issues facing humanity today. As confirmed in the recent IPCC Report, the poor of the world will be most seriously affected by Climate Change, and therefore any organisation that claims to be concerned about justice or development cannot afford to ignore it.

    An Taisce

    logo_an-taisceAn Taisce works to secure the integration of greenhouse gas reduction and abatement into all new infrastructure and other development. We have worked to highlight the failure of local authorities and An Bord Pleanala to address climate change, and will continue to lobby for energy and transportation efficient development, in particular the curtailment of unsustainable car-based urban sprawl in Ireland.

    BirdWatch Ireland

    BirdWatch Ireland

    Birdwatch is the largest independent conservation organisation in Ireland. Our aim is the conservation of wild birds and their natural habitats.


    logo_caipCAIP, Irish for CAP, stands for Climate Action Ireland Platform. We are working to mobilise public opinion in favour of Ireland enthusiastically supporting in negotiations the necessary caps on worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. It isn’t too late for Ireland to put its own house in order and lead by example.

    Christian Aid

    logo_christian_aidClimate change is one of the greatest challenges facing our planet. Poor countries are in the firing line – they are hit first and worst by its effects. Christian Aid is campaigning for the Irish Government to take urgent and immediate action to reduce our carbon emissions and to assist poor countries to adapt to climate change.


    Comhlámh – 35 Years LogoComhlámh is a membership organization open to anyone interested in social justice, human rights and global development issues. We see climate change as posing a significant threat to sustainable development, and the Stop Climate Change Coalition as the most effective platform to raise awareness of the issue.


    CONCERN_WORLDWIDE LogoConcern is witnessing first hand the impacts of climate change on the communities we work with. Already we see how the consequences are being borne disproportionately by the poorest people in the world. We are joining the coalition to bring their voices to the fore, to call for political leadership in Ireland and to support the poorest countries to adapt.

    Methodist Church of Ireland

    Council on Social Responsibility of the Methodist Church


    logo_cultivateThe twin challenges of climate change and oil depletion are two of the most crucial issue facing humanity and must be addressed to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable society.

    Eco Congregation Ireland JPEGEco Congregation Ireland

    Eco Congregation Ireland encourages churches and their members to adopt an eco approach to worship, lifestyle, community outreach and contact with the developing world, which reflects our conviction that respect and care for the environment are Christian imperatives. It is committed to facilitating churches to understand the likely consequences of climate change and the necessary actions to counteract them. ECI is an inter-denominational project of the Irish Inter-Church Meeting, involving the Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist churches and the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Ireland.


    logo_eco-unescoECO-UNESCO is Ireland’s environmental education and youth organisation. We believe climate change is one of the most pressing environmental issues of our time. We work with young people who are concerned and frightened about the prospect of climate change but who feel disempowered because the issue seems so big. By working in this coalition we can make a bigger difference.


    logo_feastaFeasta aims to identify the characteristics (economic, cultural and environmental) of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose.

    Friends of the Earth

    logo_foeFriends of the Earth campaigns for environmental justice and sustainability. Since its launch in Ireland in 2005 we have made climate change our top priority. We joined Stop Climate Chaos because only a strong civil society coalition can make sure Ireland does its fair share to prevent runaway climate change.


    logo_gortaGorta implements strategic partnerships with some of the world’s poorest communities focusing on food and water security, healthcare, education and livelihoods. We need radical action now to ensure that development successes in Sub Saharan Africa and the rest of the developing world will not be rendered useless in the face of the devastating consequences of Climate Change.

    Just Forests

    logo_just-forestsJust Forests was founded in 1989 in response to global deforestation working on global poverty-related tropical forestry/timber issues from a local development perspective. Just Forests uses society’s dependence on wood and the ongoing decline in global forests as a tool to establish links between terrestrial biodiversity, ‘development’ conflict, climate change and poverty.

    Kimmage DSC

    Kimmage DSCKimmage DSC is supporting Stop Climate Chaos because we believe that climate change is a Majority World development issue. Without urgent action, climate change is an increasing threat to world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities and undermines Irish and international efforts to work towards achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

    Latin America Solidarity Centre

    logo_lascLASC is an initiative for cultural promotion, development education and campaigning solidarity, linking Ireland and Latin America.