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    Mountmellick Environmental Group

    logo_mountmellickMEG is a community environmental group that seeks to promote good environmental and sustainable living practices throughout Mountmellick, County Laois. It is currently implementing a Waste Management Plan which was drawn up in conjunction with the Race Against Waste team. MEG joined the Stop Climate Chaos coalition as it believes that collaboration with like-minded groups has greater potential in effecting change.

    National Youth Council of Ireland

    logo_nyciNYCI has joined the Stop Climate Chaos coalition because young people are greatly concerned by the issue. Climate change will have an enormous impact on the lives of young people in Ireland and around the world and young people engaged in youth work want to see effective action taken to combat it.

    Oxfam Ireland

    logo_oxfamOxfam Ireland joined Stop Climate Chaos because we believe that climate change is a grave and fast increasing threat to the lives and livelihoods of the poorest people of the world, the very people whom Oxfam seeks to assist. Urgent action is needed to tackle this threat. Only by acting together we achieve the change necessary to prevent climate chaos.

    Presentation Ireland

    Presentation IrelandPresentation Ireland was established by the Presentation Sisters to develop their work in learning innovation, social inclusion, human rights and ecology. We believe that climate change is a major global justice issue affecting the lives of the poorest of the poor and the coalition is a mechanism for connecting with political leaders in addressing this issue.

    Progressio Ireland


    Progressio Ireland is an international development organization working toward sustainable development and the eradication of poverty. We place skilled professionals with local partner organizations in 11 countries around the world. We also advocate to change policies and practices in Ireland and Europe.

    Sustain West Cork

    Sustain West CorkSustain West Cork are working to raise awareness of the challenges & opportunities facing us due to Climate Change & Oil Depletion. We believe that the time to act on climate change is now! It should not be left to the next generation, it will be too late, many lives will be lost and hundreds of animal species will pass into extinction. Sustain West Cork are delighted to become part of the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition.


    Trocaire_LogoIn our work, the impact of global warming is already being felt. It is hitting the poorest, most vulnerable communities first and further undermining their ability to build sustainable livelihoods. Climate change is perhaps the biggest global justice issue of our time and one that requires political leadership.


    VitaVita is an Irish international development agency with field offices in the Horn of Africa. Founded in 1989, and originally called Refugee Trust International (RTI), Vita’s vision is to forge long-term international partnerships which bring an end to extreme poverty, reduce vulnerability and increase the sustainability of people’s livelihoods by Building Sustainable Livelihoods.


    logo_voiceVoice of Irish Concern for the Environment (VOICE) has joined the Stop Climate Chaos coalition as campaigning in this area is a vital part of the organisation’s work. In the past, VOICE has worked extensively on the Stop Esso campaign, which targeted the multinational due to its bad environmental record.

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    Call to Action

    Introduce a climate change law to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

    climate_lawTo ensure that Ireland does it fair share and moves decisively towards a low-carbon economy, we are calling on the government to implement the polluter pays principle and immediately bring in a climate change law which provides for an annual ‘carbon budget’, analogous to the annual financial budget, and 3% year-on-year reductions in Irish greenhouse gas emissions.

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    Keep the rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees or less

    two_degreesWe are calling on the Irish government to take the lead, and push for an international agreement to keep the rise in global temperatures to 2 degrees C or less.

    The overwhelming scientific consensus is that global warming must be capped at 2 degrees C or preferably substantially less. Otherwise hundreds of millions across the globe will lose their lives and livelihoods, up to a third of land-based species may become extinct, immense political instability will occur as people migrate to avoid droughts and floods and compete for scarce resources, and great economic damage will be caused by increasingly extreme weather. There is also the grave danger of insecurity and conflict from the continued expansion of fossil fuel use.

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    Support developing countries to adapt to climate change.

    support_devDeveloping countries have contributed least to the problem, and in the near/mid term total developing country emissions will still be less than those by industrialised countries both in absolute and per capita terms. Yet developing countries will be the ones worst hit by climate change and are already feeling some impacts. The impact of the global warming that has already occurred, and the future warming to which the world is already committed is, and will increasingly be, devastating for poor people, undermining the progress intended under the Millennium Development Goals and longer term development objectives.

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    Climate Pollution – How Ireland stacks up

    irelandsAmong rich countries Ireland is the 6th most generous overseas aid donor per person. But, Ireland is the 5th most climate polluting country per person.

    If everybody lived like the Irish we would need the resources of more than three planet Earths to survive. But we have just one Earth. And if it is to be a just one, we will all have to do our fair share to prevent climate chaos.

    Ireland is emitting 17 tonnes of greenhouse gases per person per year (2003, 2004, 2005). This makes us the second worst polluter in the European Union after Luxembourg and compares to an EU average of 11 tonnes.

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    The Green Party, Nazis, eugenics and population control

    Global Warming Quotes & Climate Change Quotes: Human-Caused Global Warming Advocates/Supporters