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    UNREAD_POSTPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2015 11:42 pm
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    Big synchronicity there, very interesting connection Sunflower, the formula seems very similar doesn’t it, with the addition of cement for greater permanence? After just getting used to plaster now we have to get used to cement :) or is that concrete ? It would do away with the problem of deterioration (eventually) we get. While I admire the strong simplicity, don’t think I’ll change over very soon. 

    Thanks for mentioning Michael J. Murphy. People here were getting very incensed at the huge amount of spraying today, we keep saying ‘this is the worst ever’ it does seem to be getting worse and worse week by week. Plasterite doing its best but struggling. What we saw today was like some of the very worst photos we’ve ever seen, parallel lines and in tandem above and below the already sprayed gunge. It’s going through my head to do something along the same idea as MJM, to give plasterite a boost – that everyone who is interested or who has plasterite set their watches to a particular time, probably fairly early morning, and just do a very short affirmation encouraging plasterite to get going for blue skies, ending chemtrails, and continue to link with all other plasterite. It could be done at different times in different geographical areas. What do you think of that idea?