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remember , just a trial these ones, also noticed hardening does not take place so easily, takes way longer, so I removed them from the molds earlier
and did some handy work to straighten the tops, etc, than they started hardening faster, exposed to air
In California there is always sunshine, here it s more like a Siberian Gulag…ha…icecold, cold rains, but it can be done in winter too , indoors of course
make sure you use towels before you build a mount everest in your living room, some might not be so amused as you ….probably…

not too bad, not too bad at all
used about twenty to thirty per cent of portland cement in these
plus outer coating
that s it
the rest is the usual menu.

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Very very interesting comments on how you feel the energies from your cement mixtures, well done indeed. Love the way you decorated them too. Maybe I’ll share the pics onto some FB pages :) ;)