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PostPosted: Mon Dec 07, 2015 4:56 am
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Yes I hope this affirmation group gets stronger, some new people have joined. It was quite an emotional experience. I’ll ‘encourage’ them next week, don’t want to be too bossy though. 

Love your big pure white smooth cones, gorgeous.

Sunflower if you get a chance have a look at a FB page we’ve just noticed, though must have been around for a while, it’s called ‘Terry Lawton points at stuff’ – it seems to have been set up by some Government Shills, but they should know that this will always backfire. You’ve probably seen Terry’s version of the song: One hand in my pocket and the other pointing at the chemtrails. We’ve been having such fun with it, Ciaran Smithfield and Lady Crystal piling in the comments. Somebody went to a lot of trouble creating a photo of American activist Tasia Danielle pointing at Terry who’s sitting in a shell a la ‘The Creation’ the funniest thing we’ve seen for ages. Ciaran S then comments” Terry Lawton is pointing at Duncan Stewart. Haven’t laughed so much for yonks. This may well become an icon for the whole movement, who knows. :lol: :lol: