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    PostPosted: Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:41 am
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    Yes Jenny, perhaps after the Holidays have passed! LOL

    After posting that, a few other items popped in, that I would include….

    Neodymium Magnets (can be the tiny size, we are looking to establish / regulate our EMF through the crystal / crystalline matrix we Create in our pouring)

    Honey (wild flower is best, Manuka is second best)

    Maple Syrup ( the higher the grade the better)

    So, with any of the fluid items I have mentioned, one drop is sufficient, but you can always dowse to find your optimum mixture. By dowsing, I mean that you might use a pendulum, if that is what you are familiar or comfortable with, or you might consider simply using your own body through muscle testing. I use the finger method. So, you hold one hand with forefinger and thumb closed in a circle, you take your index finger from the other hand, and you ask….. and then try to pull the two fingers apart. For me, if they fly apart, that is a NO. If they get firm and strong, inseparable, that is a YES! Ask if I should use One drop… If yes, then ask, if I should use Two drops! Stop when you get a NO, and go back to previous YES! TRUST your body and muscles!!!!!! :)

    We, saying that for myself and my Creation Group Above, wish you to realize how amazing POWERFUL we are, and by COMMANDING our Creations to OBEY our COMMANDS implicitly, we are not Tyrants, but focused and purposeful, Creators!

    The Rose Oil, and the Rose itself, is believed to embody the Highest Vibrational level of all living matter. I think it is around 320Hz in frequency! We operate so much lower…. I am currently harvesting rose buds and making Rose Essential Oils, from them! I’ve planted twelve rose bushes over the last three years at our new home, and I’m taking the fresh blooms off of every color imaginable! More failures than success, until this last batch. But that’s is how I learn, through experimenting. :) No frustration or harm, simply trying what comes in….

    I can’t recommend enough for consideration something that was shared with me recently. I’ve bought both a Humidifier/Mister and a LED fogger barebones, to inundate my household with micro sized water / Essential Oil combination. Using either with Essential Oils, is lifting and clearing our entire house, on the most basic but profound levels…. Limone, Tea Tree Oil, Camphor, Turpentine, and Frankincense combined, possibly, can clear your home and living space, of ALL negative energy manifestations, whether critter, bug, or bacteria / viral assortments… Nano size of the water particles and Essential Oils, allow greater the area saturation! Effectively dealing with the changes in size and toxicity of the current exposures.

    Much Love and Big Hugs to the Group!!!