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UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Dec 31, 2015 7:49 pm
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ah dear lady J , yes I did receive the presents
thank you very much you should not have to do that
Highly appreciated nevertheless

Well, did some thinking too
winter is good for something
Hopefully soon , well you know soon…we can hand over some things to new blood
just a thought
But I am still rather young so..hopefully..I tick along for some time to come
so in worst case I run this myself, not by will but more like a sheer lack of volunteers :-)
Feel ok, doing fine
Have some strawberry liquor left somewhere, so I will pop that one too and maybe other things
who knows
to keep up the Irish steotype
drink my way into the Irish mob

You know J and mob, we are on our own now here
more or less, as the German has stopped , all of it, it just becomes too much of a burden over time
in his case as he was into sales too, thank the great spirit we are not into that to such an extent otherwise we would snap up too
if you know what I mean
just becomes too much so therefor I am strangely enough happy we dont do much sales
although lots of folk keep pushing me to go that way
there seems to be a market for it
especially in these times of austerity and it will become much worse folks
what they have in store for us
all not too important to me, important is to keep the good things going
the wisdom given to us by those who came before us
it all has a deeper meaning
big thank you for everything
truly amazing you are
all of you
all the silent horses too, the gifters

did remove a previous post
it was , maybe for some, a bit too rough
but Irish are rough
maybe all that ” bold talk” may have been too heavy for tender souls out there LOL