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It is winter folks and we all feel it, at least those in the Northern Hemisphere, Europe, US, etc, dont let it break your spirit, we havent seen the sun for a while and no flowers, will come back , just hold on for a while, the dark days are already on a retreat, slowly but definetely. Don t let the bad bugs bit you :) Keep the faith and keep the strength, bascially each and everyone of us have long passed the Nobel price level, way beyond that. It is not always easy I know, it can boggle the mind realising the magnitude of a system we are up against. You might feel a bit deflated right now, talking to the Irish clan now in particular, as we know what happened and we know where it all is going. Dont have to spell it all out you know , you smell the wind. Personally I have only or mainly prefered to deal with individuals , not with groups, and I prefer to work behind the scenes not on the street. So this ” awareness days” are not for me personally. I do love them but they are not for me. It is not there are not many people aware, I think there are enough folk aware , I dont think that s the real issue, the real issue is they dont participate, they dont get active they do not go beyond the FaceBook level of thumbs up to put it that way and well we all know that writing letters or signatures and handing them over to the sell outs that we call government aka ” public servants ” what a laugh, is not gonna do too much. They are all on board with it , the world agenda otherwise they would not even be allowed into the positions they have. It is not possible to deal with the system using logic as there is no logic in the system. This crazy reality most take for granted, there is nothing in it. We all know that, so what s the point , the point is dont let that aspect run you down. I always call it ” get off the chessboard” you dont belong there it is their game , not yours I do my monomyth now, completely, what does that mean, it means finding my own way , connect with intuition and inner strength and for goodness sake dont step on the chessboard , they play you like a violine, upside down inside out, you cant win that game, it s rigged. What I learned from working, dealing with the selenite is exactly what Steve the dowser of the old forum said, exactly like that is how it worked out for me a totally new look on how things really are, finding so much new stuff, unbelievable things, not outside, inside it s all inside working with the world around you One of the characteristics is , it is your yourney , your awareness, your experiences, etc those cannot be shared with others they are personal valid and real , yes, but personal they do not belong on ” facebook” it will not get you many ” thumbs up” it is way beyond all that crap What is it like it is like the story Tony shared, sitting on the porch , having a chat with Jacques and stepping in something big veils that open , call it what you want, it happens , it is real it is not magic in that sense it is real , it s just we havent been in touch with that sort of thing , most will never get in touch with that regardless what you do , it is not up to you , it is your journey for yourself , the last two years I had three or four of those experiences when it happens you know so selenite can be seen , as a helper , a wise friend, an ally , helping you to see more than you saw before it is not for everyone it cannot be bought or paid for, it cannot be owned or controlled it is just there for you once you are ready nobody knows when that will be This is not just about ” blue sky ” you know , that s just the first chapter of a huge book, just that. One chapter There are many more. Still such conversations are like talking to your TV watching neighbour and trying to tell him about the lines in the sky they look at you like you came from another planet if you even go there, trying to talk to such folk I mean, I dont do that it is not productive and wont bring you any good vibes Once your neighbour , in a guided conversation, on your part, mentions , yes the skies are different than they used to be, etc, you can , slowly , give your point of view slowly, step by step, of what s really happening, dont overload them or they crack up in a second and will never go into such topics again. Thanks to your silly efforts to ” wake them up” you ruined them completely forever and they often can become your adversaries in the future. Anyway, again, I have to come back to the core of the matter, one must leave the chessboard the allowed ways to counteract with what they throw at us as they expect you to do that, use the given opportunities , the allowed opposition that s what they want you to do they actually count on it you do the marches, the protest, the signatures, the jadija bla bla bla they dont want you to leave the game, for heavens sake, they loose control that s their worst nightmare you will become unpredictable in action and power that freaks them out for sure no joke as long as you go the paved avenue they dont care what you do in the least as those roads are all safe and sound, completely blocked anyway that is why I love the affirmation thingy , as that s a way to look deeper in oneself to find ways there is much in that, more than one might suggest at first glance it is the road to power especially when working with the tools of light especially when these tools are strong and natural and the more you work with it , gradually , knowledge and insight will come in like training but in a way you did not know or is not promoted by the alternative mainstream it is something wholy different, something that seldom talked about if at all. it is not here s the money , gimme the solution , it does not work that way Leaving the chessboard means things like stop listening to those ” truth gurus” they throw in your face in the mainstream alternative media all that mainstream stuff is put out there for a purpose and it is not your benefit for sure Types like Michael Tsarion, those types, all fake, mix good real stuff with crap , you know, planet X , 2012 ” doomsday” , green lizzards and what have you and spin it into la la land they always do that , that s why they are allowed you see it is very easy once you understand I dont listen to those jokers anymore and that s a big relief I can tell you they all have some sort of agenda they are not real for sure the last thing they want you to look for answers is yourself that s truly the last thing they want that s why they bombard you with that crap all phony stuff to keep you occupied distracted sort of ” shopping for religions” that s what it actually is finding a belief system but it does not work because it is not supposed to work it is supposed to keep you in disarray fragmented , never putting two and two together chaising your tail Maybe there are other methods, natural, people used , maybe they still use them , I dont know but , for me, the selenite has lots to offer and it is a endless journey of amazement So I am cool with that that s why things like facebook are so dangerous as it is not possible to think for yourself it s like a giant borg machine molding people into conformity overwhelming them with opinions and nonsense that sort of paralyze your awareness etc, completely flatten it, making it numb besides the NSA data snooping, completely on board with that hoopla they are but who cares ? Well… I do. people become robots on things like facebook without realising it maybe not all, but most for sure this political correctness this self policeing all the time oh I cant say that oh I cant say that maybe someone might not like it , maybe best not speak about it oh my…we dont want fuzz do we so where does that leave truth ? you know the answer to that question. Anyway, get off the chessboard, make room for working with the tools of Light, you cant do it in five minutes, you need time and space silence and focus all that stuff a free spirit unguided by any sort of outer influence of course, without cell phone… at least when you are doing that you can turn that nasty thing off you know push the button baby…. you see, that wasnt hard :D you might miss an appointment with Herr Kissinger , but hey , it s worth it 8014 It is all not so difficult but mainly because of lots of folks lifestyle it becomes difficult. It is not difficult at all So, focuss on the good times ahead Funny sidenote, for some reason the energy pieces I gifted, long ago, checked them this week in the woods, etc, and they do fine strange but true unpainted, some just on the forest floor stil holding on very muddy and green but for some reason or another they are still there Heard there is a lot of Sylph activity noticed in the Dublin area, jee , how can that be ? Aliens ? 8008 nah…something much more realistic I guess… dont let the winterblues keep you to down now..all together and 8013 LOL yes we do hug eachother that s all there really is you know that s all we really have along with pandora s box of course you are stronger than you think they want you to be fearful, small, obedient and dont think too much but we wont fall for those tricks take a step back , leave the checkered floor