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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 2:37 pm
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    Angles and frequencies eh ? hehehe
    Well I d better not go into that topic, …ruffling feathers….LOL 

    You know, this frequency hoopla, it s like giving folk a life saving book and they start discussing on what sort of typewriter the book was written.
    It is that stupid.
    Whole discussions, always avoiding the core of the topic, the content of the book itself.
    Well as far as I can tell the plasterite covers all frequencies, voila, said it , now the ban alert comes up, oh no, it is my forum, yeee lucky me….eh
    It is white and white does include all colors it is not the absence of color
    Energiekegel also explains that on the german website.

    That is why sunlight is white, covers all frequencies, pure life force and that is also a reason why anything ARTIFICIAL wont do.
    It simply wont do, as we know by big pharma.
    That is why artificial lighting cannot replace the sun light for growing crops to be healthy , etc etc
    as a lot of processes can only be manifested due to real sun light with all the goodies and ” frequencies” in it
    as simple as that…everytime we give people an effective simple solution that has proven to work we get this sort of hoopla…
    Next time they are gonna ask , can we put metals in it ? Coils ? Tensor rings? Artificial crap ?? bla bla bla bla

    That s what it is…bla bla bla
    How often do we see that assumption that selenite/ Plaster of Paris and the other ingredients is viewed upon as a sort of
    ” replacement” for resin ?

    Plasterite is not a replacement for resin and all that jazz
    Plasterite is a class of its own, a natural class, going way beyond the old school artificial desperate moves they did in the past using artificial ways.
    But folk are so incessantly brainwashed in the ” dor por ” hoopla they cant think straight , just gobble the propaganda.
    anyone who has genuinly experimented with natural solutions will know that answer as intuition will give you all the answers you need
    How often has Josh said dont mix the two together in ONE SOUP ??

    Sure, on the other hand, the plasterite, like bernoulli can be used to strengthen, balance, the metal resin, if one is into that
    that is true
    it powers it up, balance it, like the life pillow does.
    but that only applies to folk who use the metal resin of course
    which is not so our cookie, forgive us for having our own opinion here….. 8010

    Selenite we use as a full solution to a lot of things that are going on is what is is
    a full solution and works on many levels , again, as Josh has pointed out so many times before.
    Please let us grow up here dear public.
    But you know , those folk who go into the chat boxes while online, that sort of thing, they are usually resin folk
    and have no idea what they are talking about, talking about techniques they have never granted a fair trial to see if it stands up etc
    so it s the usual confusion and bashing again, as always steering folk into la la land again.

    Like big pharma does , big time, with all sorts of healing products, they just ban it or make it very hard to get your hands on things that do work against illnesses and the rest of it.