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    PostPosted: Sun Jan 24, 2016 9:03 pm
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    By Tony 

    Thank you all, and please, understand, in all humility, I am a sponge of knowledge that I either inherited from Spirit, Family and Friends, and Earth Angels! Regarding the programming aspect, I must say with all due honesty, there is no such thing as “wrong”. NO, this is about US using what we ARE, and that is CONSCIOUSNESS! We Live, we Breathe, we Love, we Share… Say anything in your heart or mind, when doing such thing as Creating this “script” or “wish list” that you are providing this spanking new baby Consciousness, and you are it’s ONLY point of contact, so to speak, initially. Like a hypnotist, you might murmer, “listen ONLY to MY voice” and then proceed to share with it what you wish! Simple is better, using projected visual input along with spoken or even written…. wink emoticon This is our Love Manifest! As Conscious Creators, we direct our intentions into these magnificent castings we each create, and just believe and know they wish only to do exactly as we ask! That being said, remember, this is a GROUP physical exercise or experience, so we just can’t go and pick up a rock, and say, I’m now in charge of everyone, always… Our Matrix would crash, quick, if that “glitch” became enabled…. too many variations, too quickly! Let us simply ride this baby out, and whilst doing such, let us ride the SH*T out of it! DO everything you wish, and see what happens, only envision the exact outcome you desire. And if it doesn’t happen, or does, sort of, or not really but something wild, or nada, you at least have moved your Conscious energy into Creation mode, instead of contemplative mode. So we try, we fail, we live, and we try again, or not. But simply being Alive is worth every second, of “this”….. Let’s play, let’s create and CREATE, and let’s keep dreaming of our new World! Free of anything that might harm or hurt, oppress or destroy, any form of life…. Any! smile emoticon AHO!


    Tony Outstanding…. 33 Oh yeah!!!! Love the Zeolite!!!!!! Maybe some clay too, at least in my thinking for future castings… smile emoticon Awesome work, thank you for sharing, so inspirational!!! *bows* smile emoticon

    Tony You know, Jacques and I use to quibble over Bovis readings, divined over using a pendulum when it came to Creations. I can tell you from what I scan and feel, that with your ingredients, and intentions, your Creations are amazing and strong! Jacques would get some ridiculously high number on a reading, for a Creation, and I would go and grab it, and just smile and look at him…. If it was “that” high, it would do some amazing, magical, unorthodox things to my “body” pretty quickly…. And that never happened. I love everything you are doing with this, and please don’t focus on “power”, when Love comes to play in form…. let them BE everything and anything, all perfect, all so awesome, with you Creating them and sharing them!!!! smile 8014 So many Blessings and Gratitude!!!!

    Stephen yes ,Tony…. I do miss Josh … so many internet messages , experiments and trials… a good mate ….Plasterite Gmx….great demo and was really loving the bagpipes :D ….cheering from Oz . !!!

    Tony My beautiful and amazing friend, please know that yes, that is true, but also, there is….. so much more! FB is superficial and trite…. but then again, it is a clear path to the highest levels of social mechanism that is really “energy”…. smile emoticon …See More

    Jenny Wonderful observation here Tony and thank you a million times for all your contributions over the last couple of days. You are creating such energies by them, we’re all getting quite emotional heating about your early experiences, such a blessing you’ve done your mourning and are now back full steam ahead.

    Tony THIS, is what Jacques, dreamed of…. THIS, is what You and I are here, for…. THIS, is our AWAKENING, and our TRUEST form, of Being, LOVE… Let’s do this Shi(T)ft…. 8012 Oh yeah…. smile emoticon

    Jenny Whew, powerful comments Tony. Yes please God, and many others too, hoping we all get huge energy to keep going, spreading the information, because there’s so much more support needed. I’ve been saying for months that I can feel tiny ripples spreading, now hopefully becoming waves.