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    PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 1:24 am
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    hahaha you know what I think now hmmmm
    Well Murielle asked for it also… 8020 ….to see the big one….
    the mysterious supercracker Josh and Tony made, putting one foot before the other eh ?
    dont worry Tony, we will ask our parents permission if we are in a playful mood
    Just to give us a little you know ” visual” on it would be nice
    but..again…if you think it s too strong in our puppies claws , than there is no need to
    think about it
    you can also send it to Jenn if you like so we can maybe put it on in the member section
    you see
    so it is not on public display LOL 


    we wont tell anyone 8011
    smiling my you you what of here
    must be your vibes, you have that talent of cheering folk up
    making them feel good
    even in these times we are in