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     Post subject: Re-igniting the FIRE!
    UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 2:57 am
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    Blessings and Greetings!!!! 

    I’ve been snowed in since last Friday, the Blizzard of 2016 here in the US East Coast turned out to be something of a beast….

    It’s been almost four weeks, and I’m still dealing with a severe head cold, as are just about everyone else around me, it’s really made it’s way through our area, getting everyone sick.

    Lots of time to think and contemplate. I had a big orgonite piece Jacques gave me some years back, sitting all by it’s lonesome in my garage, and it occurred to me, to do something….

    So I grabbed this piece and started to look around the house for other orgonite pieces that I made that were still with me after so many moves over the last few years, and found something that I loved! I had found a mold that was like a two tiered wedding cake, and put some amazing goodies into it when I created it.

    In my minds eye, I saw this huge tree stump we have from a fifty year old Maple that we had to take down last year, it was dying a threat to our roof. I grabbed the big piece, and my piece, and put mine on top, directly in the center of the stump. This was about a five days ago. I had noticed our skies, so beautiful and clear, the last two days, after the storm finally broke up….. but today, my beloved Sherry, while we were out shoveling snow, made a comment that really got my attention. She is aware of the trails, and why, and always looks up and comments on how badly they spray us…. So today, she simply says… “honey, have you noticed, the planes fly right over the house, and NOW, they start spraying once they are a little ways away”….

    Huh?!? So I looked up, and she was right! And when they did start to spray, the trails were disappearing,immediately! Well, HOLY SHIT! :)

    Ah, this made me HAPPY! I listened. My stump based device is cranking… :) And now has me doing the Happy Dance all around the house!

    I will take a pic once the snow melts enough… fun thing, the snow never completely covered it, the wedding cake orgonite piece always stayed clean, and so the kids decided to clear away all snow surrounding the piece, saying it wanted to be clean! LOL :) I explained what it is to them, gently and with basic concepts, and they were thrilled!

    Going to jump around a bit here….

    So all of THAT, got my flame turned UP, and I then thought about something I made long ago, where you wrap a power cable around a piece of plasterite to transmit the energy. In all of my playing in many “fields”, I discovered a few years back that I could capture the energy from a Plasma Ball, by doing something similar. But do be careful if anyone decides to try this, the Plasma can and will give you a small ZAP, if you become the conduit…. In my Healing Room, where my massage table is setup, I have “things” underneath the table to facilitate the healing process. I was going nuts, suddenly looking for more “things” to redesign and build my setup. I grabbed one of my Plasma Balls, and put it at the foot of the table, ran a power cord around the ball, and used the male receptacle to deliver the Plasma Energy to my build. OH MY! It creates an amazing field of energy. *claps loudly* :) Tonight, the next “part” popped in…. I had got a second Plasma Ball for my B-Day that is USB and Bluetooth. Right now, I have it connected to my laptop, also in the Healing Room. I send healing frequencies and other assorted music through that connection, into the Plasma Ball, and …. touch it! Yet another way to transmit information…. tonight or tomorrow, I make the switch with the Plasma Balls. I can broadcast to the newer Plasma Ball wireless. I intend to send energy blockage removal frequencies as my test tomorrow… I can almost feel it now!!!

    I share this for so many reasons. Transmit information. Transmit Energy. One in the same! So many valuable ways to do so! I’m going to experiment with this for a while, I can feel and tell there is so much for me to learn here…. Going to mix several methods to find what works best. Thinking witness wells incorporated into this mix, all about information transmission in the clearest, most powerful form…. Plasma Radionics! LOL

    Jumping back to my house and yard. I have found about ten smaller pieces of orgonite that I made years ago, next step is taking them and stones collected from our yard, to make some spirals, around the bases, of my largest trees. And yes, I will ask them all, to CONNECT!!!! Let them clear out the East Coast…. :)

    Fanning the Flames of LOVE!

    Let’s do this SHI(T)FT!!!


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