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    UNREAD_POSTPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2016 9:49 pm
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    :) and yes ….that is correct, the last chapter of it hits the nail on the head
    Thought about it too, even looked into the ” zapper thing”
    It s interesting, but I dont feel the need to go further into that
    might happen one day, maybe but …dont count on it :)
    Nice of you to describe that hmm energy duel there
    can visualize it now, but than again, as you said, at the end it associates with
    a very complicated artificial ” big pharma” touch trying to get to the real thing, nature.
    That s how I see it, but I love experimentation of all sorts and the sharing of it, as there are different folk out there and not everybody gets too hot about natural ways.
    hahah nice story , smile a lot 

    Jenn said to me it s mainly because we lot are open minded , yes that is a fact, we are open minded, which does not imply we go along with a lot of hoopla out there nowadays automatically like we so often see. To be honest it is hard for the average Joe nowadays to get any real sort of information , tools, guidance, call it what you want to help them on their way to truth , reality, the real things.

    When I started to work with the natural method, the only method I ever worked with as all other methods are not a challenge for it, I decided to take it to ” the bitter end”
    this all or nothing approach, because some wonderful folk in the energy community, for lack of a better word, were feeling the vibes back than and got very hot about such topics
    despite the authorized steamroller flattening all free speech and so forth
    In short , no I did not jump on any bandwagon right away , studied the whole thing extensively
    also going deeper in the background of it all, trying to figure out what was going on
    Talked to them, those who worked with such techniques , personally over a period of time
    to see if it all holds up, if it is not some sort of trick or scam or whatever, like Josh I also was maybe too gullible at that early stage by thinking , well if it works a treat why there are not more post about it on all those big forums LOL …hmm yeah why 8004

    we know why
    thought might be a good plan to start with that experimentation and do it properly
    and thoroughly to get the most out of it in experience during my holiday, so I did.
    And it paid off as they say
    One really can get in touch with that energy , although energy is a very neutral term
    there is more to it, awareness, insight, understanding, so much more
    next to the good effects it had immediately
    on the world around me in many ways
    also important , for newbies, is to start gifting right away does not have to be too far, five miles here , three miles there, to extent the field so it does not stand out too much and there wont be so much air traffic on top of the center of it, etc
    When it comes down to it , I was mainly ” lured in” hahaha but the MG reports
    doing plasterite classes with kids, combining things there, you know
    ah great work
    and putting time and effort in the process of teaching people how this stuff works and what it can be used for, in his typical down to earth Aussie fashion
    because, at that stage, the healing talk or too technical talk from the German still did not hit home completely, they softened me up, probably, in at least going forward with it all, but those reports were gold and I said ha , ok let s go for it
    let s throw all the marbles in
    Like many folk and we see those a lot on FB now, they are not attracted to artificial solutions using the old methods. That s fair enough.
    Still it took me a year or so to really understand it , connect to it, like a sort of entity so to speak, well it is like that it is , at that level , an sort of entity, Josh described it too
    he called it awareness of nature, it s just there
    but we are all almost blind and deaf and cant make too much out of it once we start
    or at least I could not, and slowly start to understand as the selenite gives clear views
    into the heart of the matter and sort of helps the searcher along, all in due time, once the individual is ready to go further with it, wont happen overnight, although some explosions of insight will occur, once in a while, like that thing on the patio, suddenly it is there and it overwhelms you, it s always been there but I could not see it, it s deep stuff
    even more intense than the basic ” waking up” most folk go through who look into these things, while the majority sleeps in ignorant bliss
    Therefor those who have their second wake up into the energy realm will understand those stories in the blink of an eye, in a flash, they know
    Jacques tried to explain so much even in such an early state of things, at that time, there is so much content in it, in a way such things are ahead of its time, it might take some time, who knows, but it is very advanced even if it looks uncomplicated at first look
    My main motivation, in regards to the forum itself , is to keep the good information, the real sources alive, as my little contribution to a wonderful person whom we learned a lot from, as simple as that. The few heroes that break the spell as I call it and say no we are going to do it differently and its gonna kick ass
    and it does
    it surely does
    I do feel great that means something out of my mouth LOL
    Stephen was right about the bovis reading of these ” cement” pieces
    they are very modest
    so we see there are differences
    it is very subtle energy coming from such constructs
    not too high , not too punchy , but still can lure out a few sylps and manages to give blue sky
    so no wonder the plasterite works so well, it is much more advanced and powerful
    In my trials I used way more plaster of Paris and way more salt and sand and they are much more punchy but still not as high as the pure thing
    also this Portland stuff is not so pleasant to work with
    once you are used to the high energy output of the Plasterite nothing else will do whaaahahaha
    wow that hurt …do we have to censor the last sentence … 8020

    So the healing method is finally making its first baby steps out of the healing club
    and folk are using it in their own particular way too
    it is a very diverse method, it s like raw material you can mold it into what you want it to be
    as it is just energy , in , maybe, the most pure form.