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    PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 11:13 am
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    Did a little plasterite energy workshop here for a visitor, a female doctor, an MD as they say , as she is going through a divorce and the rest of it, so instead of doing the usual bla bla most folk do , leading no where, we work on the energy level, worked out very well, she even made lots of energy tools, they turned out to be really strong, especially the dome structure, was kind of tricky, as it was a cheap large glass vase I specially bought for the purpose, only three bucks…that would NEVER hold, but…hold your feathers, it held !!
    Strong piece it became.
    She is uplifted in spirit, big time. A real eye opener there.
    To see this energy stuff actually at work in real time is astonishing
    you just stand there and smile and think whaaaaaaaaaaaaa 

    heart_80_anim_gif.gif [ 42.26 KiB | Viewed 36 times ]

    We used fast plaster, but normal would do too, of course, natural salt, it does not have to be Himalaya, one could use Celtic salt, or even Atlantic salt if not manipulated by Corporate Overlords
    as normal white salt is like white sugar, all goodies have been removed so you end up with something that is not beneficial to you. But , by now, I recon , we all know that.

    Beach sand, two hands of sea shells in the large Dome, a few crystals and lots of healing Oils, esp those for the airways, like lavender and Eucalyptus.
    As she has asthma, like many young folk nowadays, must be a …coincidence…. :roll:
    funny enough when she is here she does not suffer so much from it….again….coincidence… 33