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PostPosted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:12 am
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My facebook ” drama” qsdfqsd LOL came to an end, happy me, not my place to be.
I find it obnoxious, that is my opinion.
Can talk hours about it but I ll spare you the greasy details…you d love to dont you 8006Still, facts are facts , yes there is a sort of uprising taking place , for lack of a better word, remember this is a healing method.
A powerful one, the most powerful on the energy market to play with. It s for real people who want to create real change.
As Tony so charmingly said during his amazing talk with Sean, this is not about creating fancy things to paint….you know, that s more like a side effect.
The focus should remain creating change around us in many ways.
There are a few out there who will escape the incessant programming on the mind, most will not escape that, I saw that on facebook, most are fooled left right and center, that s why the ” new age” has been created through the theosophic society, Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and the rest of the club in those days to pave the way for the new world order. Kicking religions out of the window and replace it with some strange earth worship of the wrong kind. The kind we saw recently in Dublin s streets, those muppets begging to be depopulated , that s what it is although the sheeple dont realize that. The massive Trojan Horse called Agenda 21 aka the sustainability agenda, call it what you want , it s still the same mantra at the end.

Sheridan uses the word ” sheeple 2.0″ I like that phrase as that is what it is , wading through herds of those on the ” aware pages”, what that pricks name ? Russel Brand ha ..;what a puppet of the elite that is, so predictable but….a good example how ridiculously easy it is to control the masses,they still, most of them anyway, fall for that mumbo jumbo, sometimes I wonder , let s leave it there as it is obvious the masses cannot be helped, at least not yet, maybe for another day , who knows.

So we started spouting some good stuff there and one will be confronted with the fluoride stare…





saw that too much while being there
one would like to take a little hammer and give a little knock on their heads
this ” hello , somebody home” you know what I m saying
truly mind boggling
no response
total zombie time now
so something is at hand there
it s like opening the door of a bird s cage and the bird looks at you with this
what do you want me to do look
beyond help that s how I see it, the majority at least
there are a few sparkling souls to be found there, but they are as rare as a honest Irish politician, or lawyer , etc, so ….wish you luck finding one, kind of a stretch.

The alternative movement , if it ever truly existed, has been so absorbed into the system it is truly astonishing.
Has gotten worse
Some of you are aware of that, most are not.
How badly the few good willing folk are being used
An interview , I dont know, in that way I resemble Juliet as she turns into a fish wife in a flash and you would not believe what comes out of that mouth
:) the same here, thankfully we have still some people with dignity around , or self control, like ShamanTony who saved the day there , on our behalf
Also Jenn has impressive self control and appearance to make an interview going even when the technical jadija falls into the pond
Must say I am happy as punch about the two of you
Stunningly impressed
Posted all your good works here , for the few who want to make good use of it.

It is good to see new blood is coming in and taking the challenge on head first
that s very pleasing, also how nice the workshops are taking hold gradually is a positive note
it s real grassroots, the way it should be and the way we rarely see

There are only a few good people around who are worth their salt.
You can recognize good folk by what they do not just what they say
It has to be manifested, has to be put into reality , not just bla bla
fancy talk and politicall correctness, the levels of political correctness have increased dramatically now
you cannot speak out any opinion or the sheeple 2.0 jump on you
those tattood vegan love and peace wearing che guevarra t shirts bopping their head to a John Lennon song , those types
you know the sort, those ” oneness” types
drewling about ” infinite consciousness” while trying to upload a pic of Russel Brand , or Brand X as he calls himself now, you get the idea
mr and mrs natural fibers on their bike saying boo to cars, hmm , wearing their Soviet Greenpeace sweaters….I am so fed up with that stuff
it is beggaring belief

According to Greenpeace geo engineering, fancy word for chemtrails, does not exist, how convenient is that ?
it s all a scam folks
but once you crawl out of that mess you can do something about it , by yourself, dont expect too many volunteers
so Jenn and company have to stand on the bridge again by themselves maybe Terry pops up too, I hope they all wear thermals can get bloody cold on such a bridge in winter time. Yikes.

So you have those facebook groups, the Che Guevarra types, those armchair warriors, talking crap about the nwo, illuminati shite and the rest of it and feeling very good about themselves, not gonna do anything whatsoever to change the status quo, no no
just nagging on people , those slaves who resist their own imprisonment , like us, kick us in the back for not going along with the soviet flow of correctness and the rest of it and I ve had it.

Well Sean was right this whole fricking planet can use some healing, that s a given
How many folk do you know can actually think for themselves , go through the real documentation about the system, do their homework etc
As far as I can see all those ” leaders ” that are shuffed down our throats whether we like it or not are fake
so fake it is blatant
those David Icke, A Jones, Mark Dice, it s all crap, they give you some facts and than the hoopla comes in to keep you running in circles
completely disarmed and dumbed down
nothing happens there
just money making
over your back
or behind your back whatever you want to name it
And just I sometimes throw up the name Sheridan does not mean I shower with that guy
I have some issues with him too, believe you me, a lot of bullocks there too, but once in a while
when he is sober and has taken that postponed shower, he can accidentally say something useful

“The most spiritual thing on the Internet is not the Vatican website. No, no. It’s not the Plejadians. It’s not any other flying saucer New Age worship site, Saint Germaine… all that bollocks. It’s none of that. The most spiritual thing on the Internet today is the block button on Facebook.” ~

happens to all of us
It always amazes me how easy people , most , run after a leader
without double checking his credentials or dare to question anything
they dont question anything
so this geo engineering movement , ah well
better not talk to much about that now
I dont believe in ” voting” or ” democracy” as that s just a scam to keep you busy and in a mind set that is not real
to keep you from burning the parliament every few years
that s what it is , a trick, an elite trick , a trick of the elect, elect – trick….
that s a cute one eh ?
like con-trail….
or con science , the english language is very infected with that mind play but that s not for now
among all that doom and gloom there are strong sparks jumping ” out of the bag”
and we treasure those
keep those close to the heart
and sometimes little miracles happen ,as with Patricia, she just starts gifting by herself
knocks down a few towers, saving the duckies :) good girl
you see that was not too hard was it ?
and it did not break the bank either

And the latest pieces I ve made are crazy strong by the way I am used to strength now
this energy stuff, but the dome I made with the doctor is bizaree, strongest horse around
have not been abled to sleep properly for a week
still I am fit when I wake up
strangely enough
Eric noticed it too, it is a real blaster
we have to come up with new bovis stuff here as this goes beyond the trillions haha
infinity there you are
can hardly breath with that thing in the house
like having a love H bomb in your living room
bumping and jumping
like a hammer to the head that thing


A lot , well you know, a considerable amount of folk are going into gifting now and that s totally new
so yes makes it all worth it.

Another postive note, as I was on facebook and meet the most experienced orgonite dude on the planet
you are great
decided to get myself a Life Pillow , always wanted one 8012
could not stall it any longer, had to have
and I jumped on it
it s a big one, as far as I can tell the most beautiful energy piece ever made this side of heaven
sorry for the understatement hahaha
best pieces you make and now the beauty is on its way to Europe
all the way from Australia
Monsoon Orgonite is the name
the life pillow is worth it and you are worth it too, so is Steven due to his wonderful sharing over the years of techniques
things that work , you wont find too many of those.

looks like it would cost a fortune but that is not the case although shipping to the US or other parts of the world is costly


the polarizer can be used inside the domestic sphere
for zillions of applications, also pain relief, you name it
it makes things more agreeable to the body
but it works , tested my own life pillows so now it is time for an upgrade.

The price is very moderate, taking into consideration the high level of skill involved here
this is a top quality piece
last a life time
it s a bargain compared to the company in the past who distributed similar devices for five times the price
and than they came in small metal boxes, cigarette type boxes and this is a huge monsterpiece
I call it the perfected technique.
if you want one, you can make one yourself of course, very cheap, but we all like to have something fancy too
and practical also
so why not
at least it s money well spend

there you go

oh you sexy … 8014

Resin Life Pillow .jpg
Resin Life Pillow 

I love to do shameless promotion if you can deliver good stuff
not just the plastic crap
and this life pillow is already a collectors item as nobody makes them
even worse response than the plasterite
It s getting late here
and I am glad I am off that facebook
but left my account intact to tease you once in a while
see what you mob are all up to
not much I assume 8004