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    A quick update – on Thursday I decided to do a quick pour to make hearts and bugs as little gifts for the guests at my sister Anna’s birthday party. I quite quickly got 100 made, in a nice mixture. I painted a lot of them on Friday, leaving the ‘bugs’ plain for people to take who I thought would enjoy giving them to their kids or grandchildren to paint. I was surprised to see that these were the most popular option. I asked one girl Annie why she was taking an unpainted one, would she paint it herself? She said ‘No, I’m a plain Jane, I like plain’ – she was wrong she’s beautiful, pity I’ve no picture (yet). One of Anna’s nieces Alannah liked the little doughnut shape.


    Update on the Affirmation Group, there’s quite a large membership now, nearly 180 members, I was commenting to Juliet about what a great group it is, so many caring, intelligent and healing people in it. The Affirmation for tonight is from Aine Mac Aodha, but it changes every week. The object is to give Plasterite/Selenite (and all other Tools of Light) a boost in their efforts against geo-engineering and other environmental dangers. New members always welcome. This takes place every Sunday at 7 pm GMT. I painted a cone specially for tonight’s occasion.


    And lastly, a bit of fun, I’m getting feedback that Plasterite/Selenite is happy with this, I hope so


    470.jpg  471.jpg  472.jpg