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    Well we talked about , eh actually did a sort of interview, that has to be transcripted yet, but anyway, yes,the helicopter went a bit mean today
    not the usual fly over
    this time it came from another direction as usually it come south to north or north to south
    it seldom comes east to west or vice versa
    this time it came east to west
    so it sneaked up on me
    as it popped up over the houses
    to give it the right X files effect I think
    to really show they know, I think that is what it´s all about
    this ” we are watching you ”
    one could , after two years of non stop stalking , call it harassment
    would not be too far fetched in my opinion
    Thinking about a slingshot and a lead ball…hehehe
    would not make a difference
    they just would send in new ones, wouldn´t they ?
    yes they would
    by the way that sort of behavior would offend my chakras so I would never do that ….roll roll…
    a burning helicopter in your garden, is THAT sustainable ??? Duh…
    all that CO2….think about that polar bear , standing on that ice sheet, FFS, nobody mentioning A it is all a farce and B ice bears can swim, very well
    duh…duped again
    Burning ” fossil fuel” and all that crap most muppets believe in
    it s a bit sad isnt it , the dumbing down
    is almost , as good as, completed now
    Anyway, you will get used to it
    so it does not bother me anymore
    probably some sort of government agency doing such things
    you tell me hahaha
    come on , I am all ears ..this is where the < crickets > parts comes into play…duh….
    had my stuff outside you see and for some reason they do know that
    dont ask me how they know, they just know
    and you could only see it if you would come in from the east, and guess what
    figure that one out eh ?
    come on, try harder, figure it out
    no you are not trying hard enough, harder
    anyway, put the stuff left out to dry inside now
    and some big sculptures in the garden, can hide it there, has a nice bronze color
    wont be easy to spot for the rotor bees
    so I can put my new stuff on the cupboard
    very hard to catch those muppets with the zombie phone
    as you have to adjust the perspective you see
    takes a few seconds otherwise things get blurry etc
    but by that time they are already gone

    I wonder what that black square thing is underneath the chopper
    these fricking groupies, cant get enough of it, following the star into the shower , no manners
    Looks like a sort of hatch that is opened
    maybe a camera…probably…
    they do not like to pay royalties you see
    these little control freaks