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    Well, sunflower is doing some time out jadija, reloading batteries
    Also doing mucho gifting , not many pieces at once, but more times smaller gifting
    so I do not need the car as I have used the car for that recently and always police cars do show up , fifteen minutes after I gift, but I do not stay long, I immediately leave the area, learned that over the years, you gift and you get your ass out of there ASAP, that is what keeps you save. Trust me , got scars to prove it.
    But it is  sort of funny, as often when  I leave and sometimes even when on bike , police cars do show up, those little vans they have  here, usually.
    Must be sheer luck I recon…. [crazy]

    Have not used the broadcasters for some time, completely offline.
    Today, started it up and , as you should know by now, within an hour, always, within an hour the helicopters go crazy , multiple helicopters
    Yesterday , for some reason, one came straight for me did a turn to the left and left the area, turned right over my head, my goodness , such coincidence…staggering…We had rain , finally ,  may have something to do with the insane chem crap spraying over the last weeks we had tropical weather and no rain was possible aka destroyed or rendered impossible, jadija, you know the story by now, frying the planet, pushing the ” global warming” yeah right global warming my ass
    just electromagnetic pulsing the aerosols they spray , old science, ancient, boring but they seem to get away with it. You may have noticed not too many folk can get outraged by it
    lot of farmers here  use their tractors with those water tanks and go to the river to get water
    all normal
    nothing to worry about
    this energy method also keeps the animals afloat

    the bees for example, plenty of those here

    but I do notice a decrease in butterflies