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    Things are improving rapidly here



    I am almost my own gorgeous annoying pain in the Axx old self again, hahaa, noooooooooo, I am an improved self now, well, working on it, a much calmer stable person
    Not always easy to not get carried away in the timeframe we live in but…we have to hold our ground. Stabilize.

    Last weeks were a bit rough a lot of self analysis has taken place to improve myself. Probably needed…get that fxxxx grin of your face… Tongue – [tongue]
    At least, unlike most, I am improving myself. I did have some things that could need some workover, 40 million issues or so, but must say
    looking up….
    Well lady Jenn you must agree , we see that a lot in the realm of the truth seekers, people going overboard , in a sense understandable
    I mean , you know, duh….or being lured into the traps of the controlled opposition, in my view 99 per cent of the ” truth movement ” and all the other movements are controlled opposition, at the top at least, you know, like eh Greenpeace who claim ” not to be aware of geo engineering” yaaaa
    All movements have been hijacked by the system, just like our water, food, air, health, you name it , they own it all
    it is not easy to keep dry feet in a swamp of lies , half truths, propaganda and scientific perfected indoctrination.

    what´s going on, you know what´s going on, or a large part of it to say the least, yep
    we live in the new dark ages but we must hold our ground
    We must hold our ground at any price and I will be calmer from now on, no more endless rants, did a ” few” of those already …roll roll…just a few …
    I will not allow myself to be over upset about the dumbing down, the zombies, bla bla bla, we know all that, wont change
    We could just as well ask them to stop the NWO agenda, wont happen, ever, just wont happen
    we have to accept that and do our best what we can do and take time outs, when needed
    also focus on personal issues, issues that give good vibes, friends, quality time, family, all that hoopla as it IS important..
    otherwise you wont make it
    Another thing that comes to mind is that Affirmation topic, you created , together with lady Juliet, it is worthwhile and it is positive even if many may think otherwise as a bunch of ” new agy prattling” it is not the case, it does strengthen the spirit, the light inside, etc and therefor, yes, it is needed and , if used correctly , powerful.
    That does not mean we must be like those fxxx new agers, promoting the new world order socialist fascist agenda and so forth who burry their head in the sand and say ooooooom all day , that is not what this means
    This is just sharing a glimpse of the potential of the Affirmation as , like the natural energy method, it can be very potent when used wisely and with the right intent.

    So , unfortunately for the readers, I am still around and thou shall deal with me hahaha

    But you are right , Jenn, I should have listened to you more often when you said take it easy EK, take it easy
    dont go full Woo
    you will suffer and shy the wannabees , the little people away
    Not that I could give a toss what little people think of us or whatever
    as that s all crap anyway
    who gives a fuck
    it s like that ” Flat Earth” scam, what a scam and all the little zombies fall for it , hopeless, really most folk are so far beyond any help now, it is just utterly staggering
    what s next bigfoot smoking dope …fairies from planet Zitikuly ?

    2017-06-09 21_53_31-Backstabbers Con artists and other fuck clowns - YouTube.png

    come on, folks, at least pretend thou have a brain, you dont need to have one, but just pretend

    Afbeeldingsresultaat voor flat earth zombies