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    Yesssss,   maybe so, good to see some calmness creeping in but you seem to be finding it a tad difficult to stop the (very toned down) ranting showing its head.   However,  Rome wasn’t built in a day and it does look as though you have made huge progress in self awareness, even going as far as listening to advice given from the heart, with love, even if it seemed hurtful at the time.  And all this in just a couple of weeks – many people could not even contemplate doing this, so you deserve great credit for grabbing and running with ‘The Course’.    Though calmness can be good for the soul we’d hate to see you lose your passion.  An excess of passion can be exhausting though.   I hope you have your large LIGHTEN UP notice up on your wall by now? 

    Like the story in the Skibbereen Eagle keeping an eye on Russia, (check it out [im-happy-smiley-emoticon]) this good friend will be keeping a close eye on you, applauding your steps forward and ready to get out the switch at signs of going backwards.    I applaud your embracing the advice so wholeheartedly, you deserve great credit.

    Thank you for the kind words about the power of Affirmations, yes some of us are gaining a lot of strength and enjoyment from our weekly little sessions, and random other efforts during the week.

    Beautiful painting, love the pink flower one. I’m very puzzled how thos domes unmoulded?   These shapes of Murielle’s only unmould after about 10 days and even then with a struggle:-. 


    I should have commented sooner on your gorgeous nature photographs; really lovely.