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    [hello-handsome-smiley-emoticon]  [valentine-kiss-smiley-emoticon]    [jumping-for-joy-smiley-emoticon-2]

    hopefully that is  enough conformation for our bashed little egos here hahahaha
    top work
    remember to do some relaxation too
    as you seem to run on top quality batteries like the rabbit in those advertisements





    Yep can hardly wait to take on board yet another healing method, to add to the detox bath, the anti-nano triangle, the milk kefir, and that early morning ‘drink’ yes that  dark green one with borax.   Plus supplements – I wonder are any of these included in the videos; I really hope so – Vitamin D3, mqgnesium, zinc, selenium, Nascent or Lugol’s Iodine  (and Pycnogenol);   I haven’t tackled ingesting the turpentine on a sugar lump, because my sketchy information states 3 BMs a day are needed, don’t think I can aspire to that just yet, will work on it [dancing-good-morning-smiley-emoticon]   Oh I nearly forgot, cinnamon,  salt, maca powder, maple syrup, coconut oil and mixed toasted seeds and nuts in the porridge (organic oatmeal)