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    .yes mate it is time for your beauty sleep, mine too by the way.
    That is a fact,  how you can even sleep with that close to you is a mystery to me
    Jenn is a bit odd you know that
    She can sleep on six broadcasters and still wont feel anything
    can you believe that
    unbelievable, well it proves for sure we are not all equal
    in a sense that is a good thing as we have plenty around and every time it changes we have to adapt and she does not have to go through all that
    so that is also a bonus
    however , if I remember correctly , during her drive to Cork to some festival with the thousand golden selenite hearts it went even a big too much for her Highness
    the pressure of the energy
    and she had to ” ask” the selenite to settle down
    sounds a bit odd but , just ask and it will settle down
    I recognize that feeling when I go out gifting in the car
    like a boom car
    with big loudspeakers you know the kind
    with morons wearing their baseball caps backwards

    you catch up pretty fast must say and that beauty you made gives a big leap, mucho progress, big jumper
    some powerhorse
    you can make a lot of wild horses with that

    and s not really a competition hahaha
    no no no
    we all do good and we all pay our share
    you may have noticed usually the guys make the big cones
    hmm..interesting..for those who can read more than a few sentences without losing interest or fiddling with their all seeing eye phones
    yep, must be a male thing
    The girls ah..well…some do great
    a few
    the usual suspects hehe

    oh she forgot a few pics..

    I mean if we not promote eachother, rightfully so, who is gonna do it
    Alex Jones ?


    gimme a break

    he s too busy cashing in on the smucks