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josh wrote:
It is our feelings to desire the undoing of many nefarious things around us, and as we are making this device or this one we are limiting our selves to an area of affect; two miles, four miles, twenty miles…

do you mean due to the size of the orgonite being made, its benefits are ‘limited’ (or we believe they are) to a ‘short’ distance …. ?

josh wrote:
A good way to stretch our thinking is to try to build something that will affect all the way around the world …

in size or intent?

josh wrote:
It is as if we practice throwing a stone at twenty feet; we will never know our true capacity until we practice to throw that stone two hundred feet, we likely never will throw that rock two hundred feet, but we sure will, in the process, go much further then twenty.

I like to imagine the orgonite pieces connecting with other orgonite around the globe, which kinda makes a mandala grid of orgonite energy …

is that what you mean? or are you putting out a suggestion to make humungous (very huge) pieces?

josh wrote:
Make sense?

:? I might be listening with an accent … :)