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    Oh so big – this building is known as the Sunshine Home where for many years and to date groups of children from  underprivileged areas in Dublin City come for a week’s R & R.

    I remember hearing of two youngsters who got homesick and absconded, walking all the way back to the City about 20 miles away.
    The locals call them ‘The Sunshiners’.
    They are usually quite well-behaved, my first house in Balbriggan was just beside it
    and there was sometimes a lot of noise pollution but I never minded that.
    It was great for them to be able to traipse to the beach with their buckets and spades, only a couple of minutes away.
    My first house (about 20 years ago)



    St; George’s Church.  Gates closed so I could only push a piece through the railings.
    As was the Catholic Church, a big plain lump of a building but with beautiful stained glass windows by the famous Harry Clark, dating back to the 30s I think.
    I must take come photos of them soon

    This poster speaks for itself, I can hardly believe it is still on a lamppost after 7 months.
    Anyone who follows Irish news will know that Minister Joan Burton was trapped in her car surrounded
    by a crowd and about 50 gardai.
    Some of the Protesters were charged with kidnapping including a TD called Paul Murphy.
    I’m glad to say that several of them who came to  trial were found innocent and the case seems
    to have collapsed against the remaining people.
    The whole thing was ridiculous from the start, and politically motivated.