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OK, yes there is more, I really really desire for all of us to use our gray much in a audacious/expensive/never done before ways.
I always challenge my self to see “whats next” how can I make this work stronger, further….

So let us look at everything we all have done so far:

We have created A new kind of Orgonite; (Plasterite),
It broadcast thousands of miles, the large cone from Stephen, myself, Tony, Anna, Steve and the rest of the crew are broadcasting all the way pass the moon :D
Also with these we are pegging the Bovis scale, and it vibrates in all dimensions

We as well know that we can make the Plasterite very simply, very powerful without the use of crystals, sand works well
We can do this most cheaply: a fraction of the cost of resin, and the kids really, realy do love it (yesterday, a 2 year old, in the dark went on some shelves at a friend’ s house and got out of the room the arms filled with little plasterites hearts, lots of them LOL)

Then we have wrapped those cones with extension cords and broadcasted the Plasterite energy all over the grid
Some of us even wrapped the Pillows with it, polarizing all the grid to spin in the right direction

Here is another thing we have found, as Catherine paint the Plasterite, many colors or single colors, the energies appears to go way way up, I am nor sure why but I think it is the resonance of the colors in the inner structure of the plaster

And yet it seems that the nefarious energies are still there and very active

So more Plasterite and more painting and more……