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    eveytime you light up my heart Chief Commander hahahahaha you do you do [flirty-thank-you-smiley-emoticon][i-need-a-big-hug][valentine-kiss-smiley-emoticon]
    and of course all those around you there, each and everyone of them
    so we wont give you all the glory hahahaha
    should be divided equally
    you make me smile and by god and his seven virgins I dont smile that much
    although that is increasing recently
    always was a late bloomer hahahaha
    even though I am a smart ass I can be a bit slow on other topics
    so not so perfect after all eh hahahaha
    working on it , take it easy
    like these two happy chaps here hahahaha
    little happy feckers
    yes overkill for sure but we love overkill
    cant be enough love and light for this world eh
    there is always a shortage of it
    so a bit more wont hurt anyone
    In a way glad to hear more people know the story as the story is here to stay for a long long long time
    gives us vibes to go on
    means the message is slowly sinking in and gradually expanding
    well you earned a cosy easy night today
    so reload and so forth
    take it easy a bit J
    dont burn it all up
    you are not eighteen anymore , neither is the rest of us
    but you dont overdo it and that is a good sing
    Nice to see a new person supporting the whole thing with his ..child I pressume
    the little boy
    cute pic also
    him and the little girl
    epic hhhaha
    watching a movie now , called ” beyond treason” it is very good
    deals with the Iraq ” war” , that big scam for the oil field and expanding the grid
    as some do not go along properly and are hammered into the ground
    not so important as a pipe line going through native american land;;; DUH;; get the joke of it
    sure it is all important but I dont know, you know…sigh
    the propaganda, hypocrisy and brainwashing takes over
    the countries in the middle east will never be allowed to return to their previous status
    it is NWO puppet takeover , civil wars, depleted uranium , forever
    sorry I am exagerating
    just four billion years hahahaha
    like one huge smart meter
    but they love us and basically taking out the americans as well
    double edged sword
    you see
    the last thing they want is american soldiers , fit and healthy , knowing the scams , running around the place
    so they make sure that will not happen
    and voila
    we all know that
    what s going on
    the suicides and early deaths and so forth
    the birth defects and the whole nine yards
    it is interesting, also deals with the minor fact that 200.000 americans are disabled now
    that sort of you know, ” side topics” not as important as a pipe line through holy ground , surely… wink..
    and most did not even fight…go figure that one out eh , kids, figure it out
    they all had those vaccinations and were exposed to depleted uranium
    hmmm , you mean there is a connection there, nah
    that would be conspiracy and we dont do that
    we dont do guessing and wishful thinking
    we just deal with facts
    those naughty facts


    Sure the pipeline is an insult but what is not
    just giving the inverted magnitude of things here in a new light that is all

    that is one of the main drawbacks, in my view, nowadays there are so many scams going on it is hard to keep up with them
    this EU fascism, the agenda 21 sustainability prison camp rollout, we are under fire from fifty different angles
    so to speak
    it s not just the aircrap and so forth
    government scams, banking scams, TPP, all those secret agendas unleashed behind our back and without even government input
    the parallel government runs the show now
    nothing new to that it s just getting worse and more blatant now with private public partnerships
    globalization, privatization…etc..the big boys slicing up the pie
    we are the pie

    although geo engineering,  a fancy nice word for what is really on the manifesto
    is the biggest crime of all
    it is the big stick

    well done Jenn, top top top
    is Terry still around ?
    Havent heard much recently
    Hope he is doing ok

    think the frog wants to hibernate
    not just in the pond, sometimes in soft earth or even the compost heap
    found him there a couple of times in those places
    hedgehogs too
    things like that
    and mice
    a lot
    I have such a lazy cat it is a disgrace
    must be a cat from a rockefeller bloodline
    ultimate dictator, I am just viewed upon as an organic can opener
    gets fat, self indulged, ultra spiritual ego centered bxxxx but does not do shit
    Could be of the Astor bloodline too
    total psycho cat
    maybe it escaped from Cameron s mansion or so
    terrible….she is showing her blue blood here
    more and more


    it s a she by the way and when young one thought maybe one day it could become something better
    like Cameron
    but we all know wishful thinking is not gonna solve the day hahahaah


    too lazy to lift a finger but she is blond so she gets away with it…ah…


    thanks for sharing