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    And had a partner in crime…she has a strong arm and a good aim, prettier than me too….





    oh could tell stories about that
    might give it a try , gifting again,
    maybe this time there will be no striped cars in my rear view mirror all the time, could be coincidence though
    you shouldn´t play with all those dragons, Elvis might come out hahahah
    thanks for sharing
    thought when I started gifting I d better do it quick
    really quick a ton a month because after that the Shxx will hit the Fan
    big time and guess what it did
    almost screwed me, the boys with masonic stars on their shoulder
    those in the striped cars
    yep, they knew what I was doing
    could not prove it though and hoped I d crack up but I did not crack up
    what morons, they gave away the whole nine yards, the whole game
    so now I know what s going on they keep an eye on those who have some brainfunction left and get out there to do something about it etc
    there are not too many of those so it is easy to keep track
    and your body guard is indeed pretty enough hahahaha
    and a gifter
    lucky you
    most of us have to go for less, much less
    think the time of painting little figurines has been passed
    if you understand what I mean, pointing to the FB puppies
    we dont have time for that or it s not the main course
    maybe they do need new glasses, dunno
    havent they looked up recently ?
    just wondering…

    have read so much crap on FB recently that it almost appears to be a real ” orgonite ” group hahahaha
    what a load of bollox
    stand back in awe
    like little stupid robots spouting their brainwashed propaganda shite
    it is pathetic
    so that is what happens if you let the zombies in , it ends up in one big pigstable
    no wisdom no knowledge just the fed propaganda they regurgitate
    the buzzwords, the slogans, all that shite pumped into their little new age brainboxes
    they just cant focus anymore, no intelligence, no power left in them, no individuality, all BORG now you see
    fecking borgs
    little crabs in a bucket

    to study the whole thing
    to really get a grip on it
    to put on the fecking mental breaks, nope
    drool drool drool……little clowns…….
    like wannabe energizer bunnies jumping around


    maybe stick some of those batteries..well…we better not go there at this point..hahahahah

    anyway, brushing up things here as you may have noticed
    also removing some stuff
    make it all a bit more manageable for the idiots out there
    and there is no shortage of idiots

    maybe can paint some stuff still have some things standing around
    dunno if  gonna send to suzanne, maybe, we will see
    still havent got the book CEO J send me
    we have to be patient…