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    greg richie

    Yes, I know what you mean, about making little pretty ornaments, fairies and cute flowers etc…not what plasterite/selenite is really about…but it gets the newbies started, maybe one in ten will wake up and realize what we are trying to do, thats one in one hundred if we are lucky. I  put a few pictures up of the cute pieces to show that it’s not just plastic resin that can look pretty, maybe convert 1 or 2 to try there hand and making plasterite, maybe they will swap sides, haha, I can dream can’t I. So I paint my dragons etc to hook them in, maybe I will get a bite, maybe not, but I try in my way to wake up the herd. 

    And it’s funny how you mention about been followed….when we got to one of the towers we were gifting, A guy was there already, in his official car with all the fancy stripes on the back, you know the type, wannabe stormtroopers, anyway, he had come to give the towers some tweaks, some kind of maintainance, had to wait 20 minutes for him to finish his work and then we hit it with a good dozen plasterite hearts and cones, haha , all his work in vain. I don’t often get a day off, but when I do, it lifts my spirits to drive around hitting the masts etc .



    IF we are lucky indeed…I have , unlike most others, never been in a mental box, always thought most or some were like that , like me, they just hide it well, later on I discovered that is not the case, my German teacher immediately zeroed in on me when I raised my obnoxious head in the days past and picked me out straight away, and I thought holy cow what s going on here
    because, as you know by know , that is almost impossible , to find someone, with the vibe, whatever one calls it , the light, the ” something that ticks” inside
    that is so hard to find
    so he handed me the sword, Armour and cheap horse and said now get the feck out of here hahaha
    so in other words I never volunteered for this healing sxxx
    it just had to be done
    so he quickly transferred his knowledge , the story to me , brought me in, and had to reassure me I was up to it, as I am , was, a bit insecure
    also very introvert
    so did not feel very comfortable having the three stars on my helmet
    300 grunds in the dirt , tiger mode, behind me saying you are the boss now , lead us FFS
    so to speak of course as we are or should be all our own leader, certainly that is the only valid option here
    all other options are untrue 

    I never fell for the carrot we all have to follow and even as a child I looked through the scams, maybe not all of them in depth but close enough to undertand
    we live in la la land
    and there is something guiding this muppet show
    the hidden hand
    as things do not make sense and do not add up
    Always thought I was the weird one, the crazy one, the one who got away…
    but it is sort of the other way around
    the whole truth or patriot movement is owned and controlled up to the last yard
    folk dont get that
    the depth of the scams
    there is not much the hidden hand misses believe you me
    they do not miss much
    those controlfreaks run the planet and our minds
    big time
    completely almost complete

    Being on things like Facebook and the lot is like watching TV , it cannot be done
    it is a total joke and indoctrination
    maybe not as bad as mainstream media but it is not good and wont lead anywhere
    Have not watch media, newspapers, TV for a long long time
    about five years or so now
    although it seems longer

    yes if I remember correctly on of the nutters around the country side wanted to use CEO Jenn and her mob as sitting ducks
    kinda weird story but we are full of such stories
    I have at least one day a week off
    I wont work fulltime that will not happen anymore
    had enough of that nonsense
    wont happen
    forget it
    sure one receives less but so what
    can manage
    life is short enough as it is
    and a good things is the stuff we use does not cost much , cheap cheap
    so that´s covered too
    yes hook em in, chief,  protect the disabled child , they need it
    and they dont even know it.
    and if you find something of importance you can put it up here
    for example under the Topic Waves you can create your own topic, if need be
    and put it there

    anyway will keep it short, my third chakra is depleted due to the vibes of planet Niburu and Alex J sends some trolls over to play with
    so have to make it short