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    2017-10-05 20_27_31-new age troll liberal hippie - Google Search.png

    Sandra Bollox is coming too so that is cool we can use the same bathroom, boys will be boys
    Just for the record your honour ” she” gave me the wink but I showered alone, honestly…

    found a cute site, bit rought for the silly kiddies out there but quite cute

    quite good yes
    because , at this stage , the hidden hand has turned it all into one big fecking farce, they are not stupid
    oh no
    all smoke and mirrors and truth can be found but it is not given to the individual
    must be searched for
    outside FB and Iphone and so forth

    2017-10-05 20_04_36-oh, those poor starving children in africa i'll send them some love through visu.png                  2017-10-05 20_04_46-we are all one easy payment away from spiritual enlightenment - New Age Aunt _ M.png

    2017-10-05 20_04_54-aLL perspectives are equally valid except the ones i don't like - New Age Aunt _.png