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     uploading by phone worked well
    the gifting fairy was here hehe
    nice nice
    weather is much better than at home,  here is sucks big time, autumn kicking in fast now
    rain , wind, colder, shorter daylight etc
    dont hold back lady J , just rub your pleasure in your snouts, we love it


    2017-10-10 18_36_36-The Irish Topic 19 - SelenitePlus.png

    Now the whole world knows you are a tree hugger, damn …hahahah




    Will I keep going with reporting/photos? May as well.- later.


    just do 


    I deleted my first attempt to do a post, the photos all went screwy on me, I’ll try half-heartedly to upload at least a few from a pleasant day sight-seeing and gifting in Dubrovnik Old City. The pretty woman beside mis my daughter-in-law Yukie from Tokyo.


    My first effort into a hole in the wall.